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More and more people saying that market is slowing down, volume is down, loan rejection rate is high, price is going down, occupancy rate is dropping due to new completion project handover in the surrounding. But what was your opinion then? Do you think it is a good time to buy or "zhao" away?   


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It's a good time to buy in more property now as you'll get alot durian drop, this is a year for buyer. It's still alot of good deal out there, it's depend on you are buying for invest or own stay and which area are u consider too. 

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Is opportunity.

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Statistics don't lie. Definitely slowed down significantly...

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market slowing down - only for new development & properties >500k. Buyer for unit 100k to 500k is currently very active

Volume is down - what volume? housing volume is still increasing with new development launch here and there (just not sellable during this time). Subsale house is available (eventhough buruk, but it is like diamond in the mud if u able to find it). Buy 1 fast

Loan rejection is high - Correct if u are blindly submit loan application. Learn some strategies to get loan approval from blog/guru. Even loan with current DSR 70% (exclusive of new properties) is still approve with right strategies. Buy 1 once u equipped with strategies

Price is going down - only for subsale since huge competition. recent purchase got 20% below MV with fully furnish (worth>RM10k). buy now and just hold 5 years (to avoid paying RPGT) then u can get cash at least RM200k

occupancy rate dropping - Agreed for high end properties. Then, where are they going? not under the bridge, but to the medium cost properties. Purchase one unit, and u will get tenant with high quality mindset (good paymaster)

Conclusion: Buy now

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Market slow is a good time to buy as some owner who cannot hold the property are selling it cheap. Just have to look out for good value buy.

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In term of market and transaction volume, it is indeed slow down by 30% for the last 6 months..and it is getting lesser and lesser...

1 thing i notice, the prices of low-cost properties are increasing..what a special trend...anyway, it is not...just our properties prices go too high up ...

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Not surprising that low cost properties prices are increasing... it's the law of supply and demand.

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Yes, market is slow. It was Time to buy property. 

there is only one reason:

Buy when everyone keep, Sell when everyone ready to buy. 

Happy buying Everyone~

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In fact , this should be the right time to buy property when the market is slow & owner asking prices are dropping as compared to the good times few years back ..Just look out for good value buy properties where owners cannot hold their properties any longer & willing to drop prices to a more realistic price 

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It is not bottom rock yet and it is still drop in property price...end of next 2 quarters should be the right time to enter..


my 2 cent

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Last year, they said wait for this year. This year they said wait for 2nd half. Come 2nd half, they will say next year???

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It now depends on the holding power of those property flippers...how financially strong are they? 1 more thing to note, they are many are "share-investors"..holding power should be able to prolong some more..but some recent transacted prices are going down on fire-sale basis..10% down easily..if mainly buy for investment (new), then the prices are swinging significantly...

try to google some websites do give you some latest/very recent transacted prices (last 1 or 2 months)....government data are about 3 months after...

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Property market indeed slows down. Especially for those sub-sales. Some owners of the sub-sales think they can sell with a higher price yet holding it and surveying the market by lowering the pricetag, it happens everwhere. Unless the holding power is strong for the owner, if not it will need to let go one or more unit of their properties to sustain and up keep the existing property they have. No point having so much property for investment if they don't give you ROI.

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@klproplisting good sharing