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Being a fresh graduate is definitely what every student has yearned for. On the other side, worrying about the capability to own a living seems to be something that ponders all the time.

A fresh grad these days would start a job with pay ranges between RM2500 to RM3000, which makes me wonder "How much would my pay rise increase?" and "How long more do I have to work to own a home?"

So, my question to the floor is that how much savings from my income that I have to have to own a home by age of 30?

Feel free to share your thoughts below and pardon me for any language errors.


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Assume you are 24 years old and start getting pay from RM3000

1. 24 years - RM3,000
Monthly saved: 300
2. 25 years  - (10%) RM3,300
- Monthly saved: 500
3. 26 years (25% - switch career / company) - RM4,125
- Monthly saved: 800
4. 27 years (5%) - RM4,331
- Monthly saved: 800
5. 28 years (5%) - RM4,547
- Monthly saved: 1000
6. 29 years (5%) - RM4,774
- Monthly saved: 1000
7. 30 years (25% - switch career) - RM5,967
- Monthly saved: 1300

Total Saved: RM68,400

RM30,000 for your down payment, this and that..and left over is your renovation? 

Probably you need to do some investment like stocks, funds.

- Assuming the first 3 years, you invest 100 per month(RM1,200) annually, with 5% of ROI, you will get back RM3,972 (RM360 - interest, RM12 - compound interest)
- Then the next 4 years, you invest with lump sum money of your first three years, RM100 per month(RM2,400) annually, with 5% of ROI, you will get back RM12,830 (RM1,579 - interest, RM79 compound interest)

Ultimately, try to get multiple source of incomes, do two jobs as our beloved deputy minister said, start your own business, discipline, spend wisely. You will definitely own your home even before 30.

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I like your analysis Nicholas. 

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@virspirit thanks, simple yet comprehensive. with that income/saving overview, what is the property price that it is based on?

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Dude, you can try government newly launch MyDeposit scheme and can earn your first house before 30 without need to pay 10% deposit. Use whatever opportunity available before no more eligible

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Nowadays people graduate much earlier. At 19, they completed their studies. By 30 they already have 10 years working experience and they can earn high salary. How much is enough.... is depending on what house and price u want to buy. 

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thank you for good sharing