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The reason why I am grateful my loan for Arte Mont Kiara was rejected - Because the agent I was dealing with was INCOMPETENT!

1. He filled up the booking form under bf's name only even though I said it's supposed to be joint name. Was told he would change it later.

2. Failed to change booking form to my name and applied for loan under bf's name even after I informed is to be under my name only.

3. Failed to inform bank that the loan will be only under my name so all banks were calling bf

4. When cancelled the booking, he told me to fill up Cancellation Form. Asked verbally if it's me or bf who is supposed to fill it up, he said me. Even sent Whatsapp (refer below) asking if it's ok if I'm the one filling up the form and he said yes.

5. Nusmetro rejected the form because booking is not under my name. So was rushed in the middle of lunch (while eating!) to go print and fill up a new form and SIGN ON BEHALF (asking me to imitate!) my bf's signature if he is not in the office (fortunately he was).

6. Thereafter informed me that process was already done (on 12th April 2016) even though he promised to do it on 8th April 2016.

7. Blame was put on me thereafter because *I* filled up the form wrongly... even though I already clarified with him.

Name of agent from Goldmine for Arte Mont Kiara: Wayne


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First thing u should evaluate when buying a property thru agent is the capability and reliability of the agent. Sometimes dealing with a more mature person is better.... sorry, no offence to many of the young agents here

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@ppnnkk2011 share us some advices on checking agent's capability and reliability? Because normally hard to know..they can talk and do very good when the time want to get your deal, but after you confirmed the deal, things start slowing down.

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to prevent this kind of thing happen, buyer should at least study about procedures of buying a property and also knowing that what are you doing. Seek friends who purchase property before to follow you through out the progress
Booking > Loaning >L.O >Sign SPA >Payments so-on

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I think it is a blessing a disguise that you did not manage to own that Arte @ Mk unit. 

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inexperience agent.

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  I think its a lesson for all of us, Buyers require agent services to help find the deals for homes. We need to do our due diligence to serve the customer with all information regardless if the customer is experienced or not. I blame the agency for having agents without knowledge attending cases and misrepresenting the profession and the company.. Its not the agents fault.  

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Misrepresentation is a serious offence in our industry.... 

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thank you for good sharing