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Although the practice of investment clubs has waned, the demand for shortcuts to profits in property investment is always there. Too many people want to get rich quick without putting in the necessary hours to learn properly. Self proclaimed gurus are aplenty to assist the less knowledgeable in this regard. 

Personally, I am very against such practices as i believe one needs to only participate once one has sufficient information and finances. Too many times, people jump in and find themselves stuck later.

Is it the Government's responsibility to minimise such speculative activities while also ensuring they are protected by housing laws? Should it just be left to market forces? What do you think?


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Malaysia is a free market. Prices are supposed to be determined by the forces of demand and supply in the market. So we expect minimal govt intervention. However, there is no total free market in the world, it is just in theory. Somehow there will be some form of government control ... and we can see a lot in Malaysia now.

And we should admit that some of these government control is good ... at least for people who genuinely need  a home for shelter.

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Quite a lot govt intervention imposed recently, such as 3rd loan only 70% amount, Property Gain Tax, etc.  

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