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As i know agency in Malaysia only in KL and Selangor is about 679 agencies (with branches).

For Buyers ,Owners and Investors which top 5-10 agencies will be your priority?

Agents...with your market knowledge which agency is doing very well with professional attitude and good culture? and why?


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I do believe that agent with professional attitude, well mannered are everywhere in the market (despite on which agency they are working in) and of course, there are bad apple in all agency as well, no doubt about that.

Having working in corporate environment for more than 16 years, experience taught me a very good lesson, whenever there are people they are politics, when they are politics, they are good and bad apple within as well. 

In my humble opinion, it doesn't mean that only the top 5 or top 10 agency would have professional and well mannered agents, where else the rest would be differed. 

Agents are human too, and when we are dealing with human, there will be tens and millions kinds of attitude and personality we are dealing with (some can be easy going, some can be calculative, some can take advantage on you etc) 

So to answer your question, always observe the working environment for yourself, and to be frank, if you had yet to be working in any corporate environment, let me tell you this, in all industry there are people that does share, and some would keep to themselves. But I do believe sincerity is the key to success in this line of business.

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Well said and Thumbs up for you 

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May be it is good to have industry info like which agency has the highest (top 10) billings; just like the advertising industry....

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highest sales got lah... 

JLL, Knight Frank...

oh not sure whether you guys heard that GS Realty is gonna public listed soon

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Ya...it is good to at least list out few agency for those new entry investor or buyers ...of cause I believe with professional agency doesn't mean their  agents must be professional too but at least can slightly filter out some risk on believing the wrong person... just a simple survey Hahaha 

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Ya Ronald I'd heard about that but I thought agency could not be listed? 

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Same question, can a Real Estate agency be listed?.... may be the main REA partners have to hold majority of the shares??

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@jackyyong91 well probably they dont go public listed in only Malaysia lo... you see there are many agency that is public listed in other country...

and by listing in malaysia the market is only so small.... if they have big "back end water pipe" i doubt they will be listing in Malaysia lah..

if you are talking about real estate, by only talking about Malaysia, it is just so small... nowadays many of my customer are all looking at overseas investment already... 

even for myself, bangkok, philippines, new zealand, australia...

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Ronald, u must having a big "back end water pipe"????

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@ppnnkk2011 Mr Pan, hahahahhaha ..... without your support the "water pipe" cannot flow in a more rapid manner... 

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@jackyyong91 thank you for good sharing