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Icity, tropicana metropark, Aurora lake view city?

Each of them have unique features and such.
public transport, educations, hospitality, office towers, shopping mall

And yes a mix development indeed is interesting, but which one to be chosen for less risk .
High risk high income is not an option, and developer will affect how far the development can go.

Packages offered will also considered , it's not like everyone is cash buyer.

Please do suggest and why.


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well to be frank... when you are in fear of risk, choose those property that is protect under HDA.

heard they are trying to bring back the DIBS to boost this economy... (not sure how true it is)

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DIBS can help a lot of people own a house and also let a lot of people lost balance in property investment. Anyway, it's good to have it back.

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There are still DIBS project exist in market, only a few

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i know Gravit8 by Mitraland have similar package like DIBS

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There are many creative people in the industry, they can just repackage things and call it a different name...

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Not really recommended for Township investment. you need to have holding power. As u 3 of choices, recommend I city is more mature.

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@mangakitsune1 thank you for good sharing