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Which one do you prefer to stay in. Leave your personal opinion over here.


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A nice condo with modern facilities, beautiful landscape and tight security! Walking distance to shopping malls & amenities. The modern low density bungalow-villa in the sky in U-Thant area is just another dream choice of living in the bungalow...

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Personally, I prefer to stay in a high-end condo due to its facilities such as gym, swimming pool, security system, nice landscape, nice view from the unit, etc. The only shortfall would be the fact that no pets are allowed and I have a dog :-(

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It depends how long you decide to stay there.
1.For high end condo, after 5 or 10 years, the external design, the facilities will look old, and you can't renovate it, but for bungalow, you can refurbish it as and when you want and afford.
2. High end condo is a shared and community living, bungalow has more privacy.
3. Pets keeping is another issue

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I would prefer to stay in high end bungalow with tight security as I can have more privacy and am able to do anything I like to my property.

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I prefer to stay in a castle
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High-end condo, due to security problem, condo feel safer. More convenient to organize BBQ or party.

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Bungalow, more space. I have been staying in landed properties since I was born, perhaps I am used to it, and I always have the thoughts that tall buildings might topple one day LOL, but thats just me.

And I like to be able to see my car from my premise. I like to cuci kereta XD.

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It goes with age - 20s small condo, 30s bigger condo, 40s DSL, 50s Bungalow, >60 small condo...

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I think regardless age, everyone would want a bungalow... it just the matter if they can afford it! hahahaha..but if i can buy a bungalow,.... screw any condos, and why would i want to live in a box in the sky, if i can have a landed property, bungalow, space for dogs to run, space to build a swimming pool and privacy around? Anyway, with prices of condo's in Malaysia, one can buy a huge house in New zealand, UK or australia. 

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I would prefer a bungalow that a condominium unit. I think actually bungalow (or more specifically landed properties) has more space that condominium can provide, which after that I can utilise it for my own use, for example, planting, for pets to run around etc etc. If you really want to have those condominium facilities like swimming pool, gym stuff, nowadays, even some landed properties provided a club house within the gated and guarded residential area. :)

P/S: But of course, price is a matter for these types of landed properties that comes with a club house exclusively for residents. LOL

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Condo only worth buying if its 1600 sq feet and above. Below that, might as well rent a hotel room hahahaha

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Definitely high end bungalows, I have four dogs, so that they can roam freely at the property's garden, more spaces for them to exercise ;)

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High-end condo maybe, especially the loft/duplex. You get to enjoy many great facilities that require you to pay a lot more to build & maintain if you want to include in your bungalow. In condos, you just have to pay the monthly maintenance fee. Unless you have like 10 members in your family, unless it will be very lonely to live in such a huge space.

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Some condos / duplex are quite sufficient for a family of 4 - 5. One of them is Armanee Terrace Duplex. Pretty good.