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We wouldn’t blame you for procrastinating that much needed coat of paint at home – the thought of prepping your house for a simple paint job seems like it could all end up in a hot mess. You can always hire a contractor, handyman or painter to do the painting (we’ve got a whole list of them available for you on Kaodim.com) or, you could also try these 9 tips for a smooth-sailing paint job at home:

1. Cover The Paint Tray With A Plastic Bag

Before you fill paint into the painting tray, line it with a plastic bag and you will never have to clean or buy a new tray for every paint job! Without the need to clean the tray, it will saves a lot of time and you can replace the plastic bag quickly before using the tray again for another colour.

2. Clean The Wall Before Painting

Give your wall a good sweeping or use a clean cloth to dust wipe dust off the wall. Damp the clothe a little if needed and let the wall dry before painting over it. Use a swiffer or an extension pole for parts of the wall that are too high to reach.

Your paint will adhere better on a clean wall and you don’t have to keep going over the same spot to repaint it.

3. Start Painting The Edges First

By painting the edges of your wall first, before the ceiling or the rest of the wall will help create an outline for where you should be painting. Like a children’s colouring book, it will help guide where you should be painting and you won’t regret accidentally painting on parts that you shouldn’t be!

4. Remove Tapes Before The Paint Dries Up

Tapes are a god-sent to keep your paint job neat and clean. Here’s an important tip to remember – remove your tapes before your paint completely dries up. You’re more likely to peel off the new coat of paint that you worked so hard on if you remove the tape after.

5. Make A DIY Paint Tray With Built-In Brush Holder

Find a large plastic milk jug or any wide base plastic bottle. Cut out one side of the plastic bottle and leave the base intact. Your DIY tray is ready to be used and instead of leaving your paint brushes lying everywhere on the floor, you can place them tidily in the bottle.

Source: buzzfeed.com

6. Fill Your Wall With The “W-method”

Start at one corner of the wall with your roller and move in a “W” pattern without lifting it. Do this in sections until you’ve painted the whole wall.

Source: wikihow.com

7. Use Alcohol To Clean Drips & Small Messes

If you find small splashes of paint that went out of line or accidentally dripped on the floor and even your phone for instance, don’t panic. Grab some wet tissues that contain alcohol to remove the mess.

8. Store Paint Rollers In A Pringles Can

Paint rollers can collect dust easily if they are not kept properly so avoid just throwing them into the storeroom when you’re done. For paint rollers that you want to use again in the future, place them in a plastic bag and store them into a Pringles can (or anything similar).

Source: indulgy.com

9. Wipe Excess Paint Off Brushes With A Rubber Band

Wiping your brush against the rim of paint cans can be very messy. Not to mention all the extra paint dribbling all over the can and onto the floor. The paint on the rim will also hardened up and it’ll make it very difficult the next time you want to open the can!

Get a large flat rubber band and slide it over the paint can. You can now wipe the excess paint off neatly on the edges of the rubber band.

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