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1) Identify the purpose of your purchase
2) Identify your priorities
3) Shop for properties
4) Visit showrooms
5) Essential questions to ask
6) Find out about the payment scheme
7) Ensure affordability
8) Be clear about initial payment & hidden cost
9) Decision made, Book the unit
10) Source for the best loan rates
11) Prepare the documents
12) Sign SPA & Pay downpayment
13) After signing of SPA
14) Sign loan agreement & Pay legal fees
15) Finally! Congratulations on your first purchase!


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I wonder if commercial properties have different consideration from the above chart?

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Great. This articles provides good guide for newbie on property planning process.

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Dominic, seems like this is more catered to first time home buyers who does not have a clue on what to do. 

How would commercial properties be different from this flow? I haven't invested in any commercial units before.

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing