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Live in the city and got a small balcony? Do you wish you could actually use it one day? Condos and apartments are perfect for city living in places like Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Penang and Johor Bahru – eventhough it means settling for less space. However, coming home after repeating the same work routine everyday can make you bored of seeing your own house!

Balconies should be used to get some fresh air to break away from your concrete walls. Instead of leaving them to be good for nothing, get inspired by these 6 ideas to liven up what is possibly the only outdoor space you have in your apartment!

1. Create A Balcony Deck

Change the whole look of your balcony by installing a wooden deck and planting some greens for a calming dose of nature. Wouldn’t you want to spend everyday out here drinking your favourite cup of joe? Your contractor can easily install this for you with some decking supplies.

2. Choose Furniture To Set The Mood

Whether you’re aiming for pure comfort which a pile of fluffy cushions or get all classy with some french bistro chairs, you can simply change the feel of your balcony with some carefully chosen furniture pieces.

If you’re concern about maintaining furniture outdoors, try opting for wicker furniture. Wicker is a popular choice in Malaysia as an outdoor furniture because it is light, durable and can stand against most weather. Just leaving your balcony with a cozy swinging chair is enough to elevate the style level.

3. Change The Ambiance With Lighting

Fairy lights, candles in mason jars, tea light candles, lanterns – hanging lights and using candles have a way of transporting you into a world of romance (we can’t imagine who wouldn’t be!). It doesn’t have to be about a special someone, you can have moments just reminiscing back on good times and count your blessings for the day.

Source: digsdigs.com

4. Indulge In Nature With A Pergola

Add this favourite garden feature to your balcony. Ask your contractor if they can custom make a simple modified version to extend over your balcony.

When choosing crawling plants to cover the pergola, consult with your nursery or landscape contractor about the right species you can use and whether your balcony has enough light for plants to grow – your pergola can collapse if the plants grow to be too heavy over it!

5. Add A Splash Of Colour

Hints of red, orange, yellow, lime green and fuschia pink in your decor can energize the atmosphere of your balcony – don’t just stick to common decorative items, include plants and flowers with vibrant colours as well!

  Source: lushome.com


Source: homedit.com

6. Roll Out The Astroturf (Just because!)

How cool it is that you can turn your balcony into a yard with this astroturf! Go barefooted and enjoy the view!

Source: buzzfeed.com

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