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Have you read about this news on the newspaper a couple of days ago? A real estate agent gets 1 day in jail & RM1000 fine for assault.

What do you think of this?


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I didn't see this but now that I've read it, haha, I can't believe two grown men were fighting over selling the same house! I hope the perpetrator learns his lesson now.

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Oh dear. That's not good. But then I remember at one point in 2012, when there were cases involving real estate agents. Except that these were quite grisly and drastic. Remember these?

Missing Real Estate Agent Found Dead:

"House Buyers" Rob, Sexually Assault Property Agent:

I thought it was quite disturbing. I mean, these people were just doing their jobs. But they were attacked.

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Apparently, it's quite common for property agents in Malaysia to fight amongst themselves and do things in an unethical way to cause these fights such as under cutting, etc. But to be involved in this, to the extend of going to jail, fined and name being tarnished on newspaper, I guess this might affect both their names and not going to be easy for them to move on with their career from now on.

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Means a rich REN can wallop another REN every 2 days?

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@yap_rony, LOL! Well, I guess it really depends on an individual Real Estate Agent's business etiquettes and attitude in handling complications. I wonder what did that agent do so bad until it encourages him to lay his fist on the other agent???

Any agent know these guys?

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I think sometimes the agents are under high pressure because competition is not just within the negotiators..The industry has reduced to "Dog fight" amongst property negotiators due to the competition & standards of living nowadays...
As we all know and have felt the business is getting more and more competitive over the years... and Negotiators who is unable to find sufficient income to support their monthly commitments is under alot of pressure..and that happens to the majority of the agents earning below average income...

Take for example: I have friends in this business who is married and has to bring back food. Just imagine few months no big sales only close rental with measle income of RM1-3k..

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In my opinion, we are professionals and we should hold to that in all our action, service and words. In whatever situation, we should talk out and solve any disagreement amicably and not using fist. These bad sheep are the one that tarnished our profession. Sad that they don't realize that.

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@jessie_lim, I totally agree with you! Like the saying goes, 'one rotten apple spoils the whole basket'.

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Certain agents act like gangsters, they treat certain housing area as their territory, only their gang members are allowed to work there, other agents trying to enter that area either being threatened or have their banners and signboards being removed from the property

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waoo? @vince2602, seriously? mind to share those agent mostly from what agency?

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I don't know about everyone else, but I will not deal with these agents. If the situation was soooooo bad that they cannot control their anger or actions as a professional negotiators, then their reputation goes down the drain. There's always a solution to a problem without using violence.

I mean what if he takes me go viewing and then suddenly I don't want to buy anymore, will he beat the crap out of me??? :P Just saying

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@veron I'm with you there. If I learn through word-of-mouth that so-and-so agent has this reputation, I'll avoid him. Or her. And yes, imagine after he spends a lot of his time showing you around and explaining things, but you decide you don't want the place. Oh my, even I wouldn't want to know what he'll be thinking.

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and we wonder why people don't respect us in the industry when we ourselves do not practise professional courtesy.

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Totally agree with you @agnes

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The market is so competitive and agents was being so aggressive.

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I think its because there are so many grey areas in the Malaysian property market, especially amongst the agents. I've heard stories about agents co-broking before, and then when the sale was through, the agent refused to share the profits.

I was personally in a very awkward situation before. I signed up with an agent to see a subsale unit. She told me that i-City has got very good deals too, asked me if I was interested. I said why not. So I went there, found out that she wasn't linked to them so had to co-broke with another lady. When I was registering, out of ethics I did not fill up my number because I was actually with the other agent who already has my number. But the i-City girl told me to fill it up, insisting that it was for her records only. You should has seen the scowl on my agent's face, and the other lady was promising that she wouldn't call me directly. Hmm.. I gave her a fake number. Lol! Didn't want to cause any trouble.

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If I learn through word-of-mouth that so-and-so agent has this reputation, I'll avoid him. Or her. And yes, imagine after he spends a lot of his time showing you around and explaining things, but you decide you don't want the place. Oh my, even I wouldn't want to know what he'll be thinking.

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subsale is not good

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As an agent... i go for friendly approach. Hard sale is bad.... try to make friends... 

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To me, one can always co-broke or just walk off the deal.

But I cant put the blame to anybody as nowadays: 

1. Buyer would engage multiple RENs to scout for the best deal for the property they wanted to purchase.

2. Seller would also engage multiple RENs to help sell off their property for many reasons (although there are still some owner who authorize Exclusive Sales to only one RENs)