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What is your thought regarding the oversea properties? is it potential investment?


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@jordanchen1981 ... it's all depend on your interest. If you really look into it then u will do lots of "homeworks" to understand the whole pictures before u enter to oversea property investment. Lots of elements consideration, such as country political policy for foreign investor, country economic stability, etc.

There's still many Malaysian invest in oversea property for my understanding. Example, father bought an apartment for their children so that their children can have a own place to stay instead of rent when they study and work there. Certain people invest to get the Resident-ship (migration) of that country and currently Germany new property is open for foreign buyer to buy and get PR to stay in Germany. This is what i saw from a friend who is Real Estate in China.

Extra consideration need to carry in if you really wanna look into foreign country property investment. Hope this can help u a bit.

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