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Free MRTA or MLTA Consultation


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Often heard about MRTA but not MLTA. What is MLTA?

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MLTA consist of fews benefit compare MRTA.

1) Level Coverage

2) Guaranteed 100% refund

3) Portable

4) Flexible Payment and withdraw

5) It's help early settlement outstanding Loan

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further enquiry , please email me kelvin6108@yahoo.com. or watsapp me +060123853323

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if the house is not going to sale in future, will MRTA better thatn MLTA?

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It can say that way , but if you looking for refundable then is better choosing MLTA. Since both is also protection coverage, why not choose the plan that have refundable in case nothing happen, rather than pay without refund. Beside that MLTA is transferable in case your are plan to upgrade you house in future then it can help you also.

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MLTA = Mortgage L..... Term Assurance?

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