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Can everyone share your opinion why a lot of people say market slow? Why make them think slow? thanks.

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Malay market still hot, they have many hot money can pool in the market. my colleagues sold a lot new project to malay buyer, cannt stop. look for it. 

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Bearish market is not necessarily a bad sentiment in the real estate sector. Reason being as there are investors who will grab this opportunity to buy properties at 30% off market price especially in Klcc when they have the cash on hand. Keep the positive energy within yourself and you will conquor any sale or rental opportunity that arises. 

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a slow in market will creates a buff in the real estate market which, in another side of the coin, is also reducing risks of property bubble happening in the future. 

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control is necessary, but can't over control free market transaction suppose have to control developer to make huge profit. we have to divide into few categories like below rm150k not need to pay RPGT, and enjoy some benefit from government, because such houses is basic need for certain low income group.