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New Launch Hotel concept Property Investment @ Malacca.

5 Reasons why to invest this project?

- 20 years Hassle Free Management ( 0 management cost, 0 refurbishment cost, no worry on anything on your unit )

- Positive Income Investment ( Monthly installment as low as RM 2,500. Monthly rental income as high as RM 6,000 )

- Easy resell market ( Earn RM 300,000 with resell market value, Earn RM 150,000 with SPA price ONLY.

- Packaging come with Fully Furnished ´╝łNoneed to buy furnishing outside )

- Investor Club Privillenge ( Received Latest News and best investment offers by Investor Club from Singapore and 20 points Complimentary Free Stay on Bali, China, Singapore, Malaysia ETC.)

More Details please call/ whatsapp :

Eric Chong

Property Consultant

+ 60143287302



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