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Which of these locations do you think is the most suitable to live in with good accessibility and convenient with nearby amenities, for raising a family?

b) Bandar Utama
c) Sri Hartamas
d) Ara Damansara
e) Sungai Besi


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TTDI & Bandar Utama - most amenities suit local family e.g. tuition class, music class, shopping centre, school, etc

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TTDI & BU are good location but traffic's quite congested mos of the time, hopefully situation will improve

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not really, heavy traffic at times but it is moving. There are alternative roads too. Easy access to NKVE and Penchala Link Highway.

Far better than Puchong, Cheras.....

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I agree to stay in Bandar Utama as there are malls, schools, shops just nearby the area...it's also able to access to the KL in a short period. BUT ! you have to bear with bad traffic..thats the bad thing

Personally, I got home around Serdang, which also not too far from Sungai Besi..I think the area there is also good for raising a family...

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It doesn't really matter where is the best. Is that the place you can afford or not.

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Hmmm, I like Bandar Utama too. There's nearby school, shopping malls and good accessibility.

I've seen Bukit Utama Condo before, love the interior, facilities and location! Although, the price is a bit on the high side.

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I personally like Bandar Utama and Ara Damansara area.

Check out some of these neighbourhood info -

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@Jae_Jun Yea, but where would you stay at if you had a choice? ;) I'd say... Desa ParkCity!! Lol!!! xD Wouldn't you want to live in a place where you can see this everyday?? And bring your dogs out to run without worrying about people running away from you in fear?!?! xDD <3!!!

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@Lynnette I'm currently staying in Bandar Utama.

For my opinion i like Bandar Utama, is convinient to go surrounding malls and schools

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To raise a family.....considerations should be on one's financial capability( cost of living, prooerty price s in Sungai Besi are lower than those in TTDI and Bandar Utama), then his work place location (travelling time after work back home to be with the children), what school the children will be enrolled in ( no Chinese school in TTDI, there is one in Bandar Utama).....

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Would the new developments around BU like Tropicana area seriously affect the traffic? like a new Soho, mall and international school that is in the works?

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Thanks, @vince2602. The reason why Sungai Besi was in the list is because we have checked our Lakefields and seems like a nice area to live in and convenient too. But yeah, PJ area would be priority.

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We need to consider resell value in future. My friend bought a 2.5 storey house in Bandar Utama 4-5 years back at 1.2mil but now bank value at 1.8mil already

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Vince@vince 2602, I agree with your opinion. We need to consider our financial capability first. If one could afford to stay at the more exclusive areas where properties price are high, why not? It is a choice. If we bought a property at certain place to stay, it is because we like that area that we have chosen and maybe it is near our working place or for what ever reasons, we may not want to sell it even if the price appreciate over the years. Do consider, you sell it because you are upgrading to a better and bigger house or is it that you want to make some profits out of that sale. Will you be able to buy another unit at that place where you have been comfortably staying? You may need to pay higher than what you think....

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I highly vote for:

1. Putrajaya
2) Cyberjaya
3) 16 Sierra (although design houses not that attractive)
4) Sunway Eastwood

My criterion depend much on safety, good/quiet/peaceful neighborhood, all-in-one-place, good accessibility to all main cities and near to work place.

Currently staying in 16 Sierra, previously stay in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya (I own properties in both except 16 Sierra). Future will move to Sunway Eastwood Park Villa.

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If u have children going to college, Subang USJ is perfect as there are many private colleges in the surrounding area. The completion of BRT soon will significantly improve mobility in the area.

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Damansara, Bandar Utama, Sunway Pyramid

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I agree with @ppnnkk2011, Subang Jaya is a great place to live in especially if you have children, as there are huge selections of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Very convenient. There are also upcoming MRT stations around too.

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Thanks to everyone for their valuable advise. I think I've narrowed down my search and decided on either Subang / USJ area or Ara Damansara. I heard Cyberjaya is the next hot location to invest in, but I think it's too far for me to live in. Don't mind if it's for investment purpose.

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Most of the places in Malaysia are greats. As long as you are staying with the love one and walking distance to your parents or relatives place.

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@veron No way! Cyberjaya is like the next Iskandar! No pork, no meat, no entertainment! At least Iskandar is close to the city centre, Cyberjaya is like a million miles from KL!

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Like Shah Alam? I don't think it's as bad. Apparently it's getting more developed now. Perhaps due to lots of colleges and universities. Lots of new residential and commercial development too.

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It really depand on u/family members.
Where they work, izit convenience to travel around between office and home.
Seriously PJ/damansara area will be gud choice.
Traffic, anywhere oso jam..it new trends now...cant avoid

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Ara Damansara is better i heard due to its upcoming developments

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kota Damansara

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Desa Parkcity and Mont Kiara :)

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hey @dancwk, what's is the upcoming developments you mention? Mind to share?

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Ara Damansara

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Bandar Utama

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Damansara in general is a good place to live in. Tropicana and Bandar Utama as well. As for traffic, everywhere will be the same during peak hours. Can't be any worse than KL!!!