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The resident of Kelana D'Putra could not hold it in until he got to his unit and had to defecate in the pool!!!

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Holy shit!!!!


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Oh, shit that's freakishly gross, ewwwww!!!!!!

Ya know, I've got a pal staying there, so I've gone in to nose around before. Believe it or not, they have falling windows and people throwing bricks out the window too. And now this?? WTF man!!! Seriously like... shit!!!! Literally! xDDD

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Very interesting topic. In my opinion, there should not be any excuse to shit in the pool. There are changing rooms and toilets near the pool. People who did this must be mentally not sound.

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Oh, yea... I mean like... shit... no pun intended... I mean like, whaaa..?? @_@""

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Some little kids (1~4 year olds) might have trouble of control their pooping muscles, especially in a warm water pool. So the parents shall suppose to let them go to the toilet before they go into the pool.
IMHO, from the trail of shit, the person was trying to get out but he/she was too late.

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You can see the shit, but there are numerous occasions people pee in the pool

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hahah @vince2602 , exactly ! should just put so chemical, when they are pee / poo, then it will be damn obvious like oversea do...make them feel shame

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Yeah, Nic, no shit to this pee and poo in the pool business

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My goodness, can't believe there are people doing these things. That's gross! I'm pretty sure there are toilets nearby. Can or cannot wait to go is not an excuse for you to defecate in the swimming pool.

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OMG, such disgusting and irresponsible act by a human.

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very gross

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Haha! That must be a quick one or else people may caught the culprit naked?

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anyone caught yet?

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This is seriously unacceptable and if it was me, I would never step into the pool EVER AGAIN! Freaking disgusting man! Do they have guards to keep an eye on the pool area? Maybe this was done in the night by some fella who was too lazy to wash up after he was done..>.<

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I could help by releasing some bandaraya fishes in there. :D

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whatever the reason/s, it is disgusting...

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What is happening to our dear Malaysia?
Horrible! Do some DNA testing and capture that creature!

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The residents who found out, don't think they will ever swim in there anymore. Haha!

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Maybe he has an IBS, can't control, too pain....

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OMG, so disgusting!

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This is so horrible !!! Everyone can't accept this. Swimming pool became a public toilet? Wondering the people also pee in the pool? Ooops.

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They could've tried in the bush instead of the pool! Are we living in a third world??

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@yang_mabelinda, errrrrr I think we are kinda in a 3rd world country actually. Perhaps that person did it on purpose? Some people just want to cause trouble, for example people who loves to vandalise public properties.

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OMG OMG This is such a disgrace

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@Mag ... not only 3rd world country... I still remember one facebook post went viral whereby the kid shit in-front of the restaurant in Disneyland Shanghai as advised by her parent. 

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Is it really human feces in the first place? it can be cats and dogs too....

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Walau... The management may consider installs CCTV near swimming pool or ask the guard to JAGA the pool. : )

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you know what they say...


Could be purely accidental but I must say the management set the tone correctly on this correctly lol

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Oh gosh! Unbelievable. Don't they have bathrooms at the swimming pool area??? I am sure every condo has right??? 

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@virspirit good sharing