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This is one of the condition for practicing Estate agency. Only Registered Valuer are allowed. Why is it so??

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Property management business meaning by finding tenants for the owner to rent it out is it?

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nope property management means ... you have the whole building maintenance contract in your control... 

something like Wisma ABC managed by Jones Lxxxx Wxxxxx 
whereby they are authorized to rent, and perform maintenance work for the whole building..

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@ppnnkk2011 Mr Pan,

Reason being is that you need a different type of licence to perform such work:

Property Management

Currently only a registered valuer can practice as a Property Manager. The property manager ensures that the owner gets the best returns of his property investment. He also ensures that the building is well maintained, the building services well looked after and all expenses paid. He is able to optimise usage and enhance the investment in property. He advises on lease renewals, selection of quality tenants and the appropriate tenant mix.

Extract from LPPEH website: