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We’ve combed through our past discussion topics to find those that were most favoured by posters (and commenters), and inspired an abundance of lively conversations – PropSocial’s version of People’s Choice Awards, if you will. Enjoy the read!

1. FOOD!!! (Why, of course)

Those living in Malaysia might occasionally gripe about traffic conditions, perhaps even about the sweltering hot weather and torrential downpours, but if there is one topic that evokes a positive reaction from most, if not all, Malaysians, it’s food. Generally, readers do not mind putting their two cents in about eateries they’ve tried – not to mention uploading images they’ve taken there before starting their feast.

In fact, when this topic was started on our PropSocial discussion board, even we were surprised by the response!

- Terrific places to feed your hunger

- Top 5 night markets to visit in Klang Valley

2. Current Property Market Sentiment

It is no new revelation that the world of property is a complex one. Good advice can be hard to come by, often leaving the uninitiated confused and disoriented. Thus, most property buyers appreciate it when property experts or seasoned investors offer advice based on their analysis and years of experience.

Property bubble will burst soon?

Is it a good time to buy properties with the current situation?

- What do you think of the current property market?

- Property price doubles every 10 years

- A lot of people saying that market is slowing down. What is your opinion on this?

3. Banks and Housing Loans

Personal banking is yet another world filled with complicated terms and baffling acronyms – DSR, CCRIS, CTOS and MLTA, just to name a few. It is no surprise that posts about navigating various banking matters are hugely popular in property-related discussions.

- Which bank offers the best loan rates?

- How CCRIS + CTOS + DSR affect you when buying property?

- Things you look for when applying for a housing loan

- Top 10 reasons why your mortgage loan application may have been declined

- What to do if you can no longer keep up with your home loan repayments?


4. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Implemented on 1 April 2015, the GST tax caused general consumers and property buyers to unite in their displeasure at the sudden increase in their expenses. For months, GST became the favourite conversation topic for consumers standing in supermarket lines, chatting over meals, and of course, in online forums…

- GST Implementation

- When is GST taxable?

- How to convince owner to pay GST

- Being charged GST when S&P signed before GST implementation

- If I am going to buy a commercial property should I buy before or after GST?

- How will GST affect property investment and prices?

5. LRT

The long-awaited completion of the LRT – or at least part of it – is finally here! While consumers are starting to use the service, on the whole people are still very much used to driving. Read about the how the new transport system might affect property prices, and decide for yourself if this government initiative deserves a yay or a nay.

- Will the upcoming public transportation help ease traffic congestion?

- To buy or not to buy? The LRT question

- LRT line in Puchong is working now

- LRT will be operational by mid-2016; do you think properties in Goodyear Court will appreciate?

- Secondary areas with upcoming MRT vs hotspots. Which one with higher investment return?

- Verify flash news of PTLM wishlist for MRT

6. Investments

This topic has generated the most discussions from property hunters / buyers / investors looking for any form or location of property investments with the highest returns. Experienced seasoned investors, experts and property agents also offer their insider lowdown, making PropSocial’s discussion board a healthy ecosystem to raise and discuss common interests :)

- The trend of service apartments with a hotel investment concept

- Township investment: good or risky?

- Island investment VS City investment value

- FD or Property?

- Where would you consider to invest in 2016?

- Property for investments below 300k

- Is PJ Section 13 is a worth to buy area for investment?

7. Real Estate Agents / Negotiators

A topic that is relevant for property buyers, investors and agents alike.

- Will technology take over agents?

- Do property agents deserve their commission?

- How should property agents carry themselves?

- 5 types of property agents you don’t want to meet

- What is the buyer’s expectation from an agent?

- Should you sell your home without an agent?

8. Shocking News

Studies show that readers seem to respond quicker to negative words than positive ones. Why is this? We don’t know the exact answer, but what we do know is that news revolving around topics like horror, abandoned projects, crime, scams and accidents never fails to attract public attention…

- Crime cases in USJ & Subang Jaya

- Grim death, murder and haunted places

- The haunted neighbourhood of PJ

- Top 8 haunted spots in Malaysia

- “Fake” signages/banners

- Concern over abandoned project

- Foreigner scam alert

- New property scam

9. Renovation & Home Design

As a house does not automatically become a comfy and liveable home, design and renovation tips are extremely popular with new homeowners preparing to move into their new place, and even seasoned homeowners looking for new ideas.

- Just bought a new house? How much are you willing to spend on your renovation?

- Room colours and how they affect you

- Choosing your right home: The Feng Shui Way

- Home Trends 2016

- Vertical gardens are the new in

- The beauty of interior designing: before & after

- Finally bought my dream home. What next?

- Inexpensive ways to drive up the value of your home

We hope that you have gained some insight into the most common topics of discussion amongst people who share a common interest in properties. Come join in our discussions here and get rewarded with PropSocial reward points! See what you can redeem with the points here: http://www.propsocial.my/rewards


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