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What is the different between propsocial and other property website(etc: iproperty)?


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How do you feel/experience about propsocial and other property website? :) 

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propsocial is more of a social website that provide unbiased information as compared to other property website... 

difference between iproperty and propsocial is that, iproperty is a commercial website that charged agent / owner to advertise on their website, and their website is more or less a search engine for all property listed in it.

they do not have forum for community member to socialize as compared to propsocial

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Agree with Ronald...whereas in compare to PropertyGuru...PropSocial user friendly portal also helps buyers to understand more about the market especially at this discussion group..I find PropertyGuru is flooded with many unanswered Questions on the questionnaire page with only 1 or 2 helpful Gurus really helping people to understand...whereas PropSocial has been under a good control so far...

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thats the difference if you are managing by employee vs society :) 

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And one of our Gurus here is Ronald XD

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Propsocial provides more transacted property price compared to others, also with better info on the overall property and surrounding facilities,.

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more user friendly and I think its also more interactive

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Propsocial platform more nicer, user friendly and more information about every property in every area. 

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I would say it is more friendly user. Simple but almost perfect.

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Fast responds whenever u need new tag, unlike some, need to wait for them to email, that takes maybe within 24hours?

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I think PropSocial is more to info-based, where you can get information either on new or old properties. Suitable for research too!

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2 way communication, not just publisher, visitors can post comment, updated comment about current situation of the taman/condo. Propsocial just need more and more people to participate.

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Once PropSocial gathered all the properties data in Malaysia while keep on updating, it can then start develop it's own mobile apps already...

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Not one sides as in other property website which cater more to Property Agents only... Owners can post their property advertisement for free @ Propsocial also.

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talking about other property portal... Recently I just discovered that propertyguru.com.my is practicing the same methodology like iproperty (which they will burn the unused credit of the agent despite the agent perform renewal)

in such a bad economy especially for real estate, there are still companies that wanted to implement such changes, and 1 year ago I recall the sales person hard selling to us that propertyguru is different with iproperty whereby the credit will not expired so long as you renew the package, and there you go, after 1 year prior to renewal they changed their policy and burn all the unused credit.

and i see that it is totally pointless to schedule re-advertise, everyday to waste out your credit, and the only person who is making a profit or gain would be the portal developer itself.

to me, be it your advertisement on the first or last page, if the buyer really interested to purchase the said property, they will not miss out any opportunity to filter from first page to the last page to see what is being offered.

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@seaushan thanks for sharing