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As per our topic, dont you agree?

I personally have study most of the new launching properties within klang valley, i would say 99% developer are launching at future value. 

Since then, I would to look into high potential of future capital growth property, are you using the same strategy as me? or you have your point of view, please share some here =)


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I prefers to buy subsales, especially for auction property, which may get a good deals lower than market price, more room to growth for future capital gain and rental can pay off loan installment. However, it still depends on what you want. 

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@jdh Jonathan probably you can share a few project that is currently on sale and not selling at future pricing for the floor so that interested buyer can purchase?

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@imronaldsoo it could be bias haha as I m selling. Like Court 28, Sfera Residency could be a good example but people will say its not comparable to the old houses price. I should say its how one perception see it. 

Some even pay higher price for prime area, they still willing to pay but when ask them to buy something slightly outskirt, thought price is low or equal to market price, they wil think twice or not even think about it. At the end its about the buyer invest preference or believe

All product (project, subsale, auction etc) have their own supporter. All can profit, its property investment. Its just which tools you believe most :)

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@Andy good sharing