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example : Publika , scott garden  , pavillion 2 mall .....etc


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Yes, it is very convenient. No, if the place is too busy and crowded.

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Well it is the new trending nowadays, most of the new development project on commercial land will have shop lot or shopping on the bottom and then apartment or condo on top 

only drawback is that the water bill is more expensive, where else the electricity tariff will be residential tariff despite it is commercial title (so long it is for residential purpose)

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any good example in Johor?

For instance,I know KSL Resort @ Johor. It has a serviced apartment on top of large shopping center.

The upcoming Paradigm Mall,Johor has an apartment named "The Platino" beside it, not on top.

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But recently what I think is - it is getting more and more, which somehow there do not have a need to have so much shopping centre etc cause everyone is selling the same thing. Kinda over demand. 

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good to have all things under one roof, but come with some costs for sure. 

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Y generation will like it!!

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The immediate area will be very vibrant definitely... if you would prefer a more quite neighborhood with resort-like facilities... better not to buy apartments above shopping complexes, or even adjacent. :^)

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Can buy both :) resort type and mall type :)

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I do not like because if the mall is not doing well, it may affect the housing price.

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One good example is Skudai Parade in Skudai, Johor... the shopping mall situated below the apartment is not a crowd puller even on weekends. Its close proximity to the upcoming Paradigm Mall is not making the situation any better.

In fact there is an apartment called "The Platino" adjacent to the Paradigm Mall.

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i think the price on assessment and management fee will be higher also for this type of service apartment. any idea?

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I think this is the trend now and it's quite convenient. I would definitely stay in this kind of concept. But is it safe since there's so many other non-residents. Also, will parking be a problem?

I heard that many developers are coming up with this kind of concept is because the land title is commercial so that they don't have a choice but to build commercial units / shopping malls and then build residential above it for higher profit because of higher demand.

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Speaking of parking... For a shopping mall, even without shoppers; the people working at the shopping mall would have occupied a lot of parking space. Leaving not much lots for genuine shoppers. 

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I like the concept as it provides space for more business to come, and traffic for business too. However, the one thing I do not like about these concepts are that it could possibly be a hit and miss. Some residences like the earlier mentioned Publika and Scott Garden are the ones that hit, but for the ones that miss it does make residents feel unsafe and it would be a little bit of a hassle, since the concept of retail lots on serviced residence was to create convenience in the first place. 

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@jeffcyh0217 good sharing