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What do you all think about it?


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Better to stay away from it.... many other choices, why u want to get into it?

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not ideal for own stay for long term health issue ~ although maybe the price is cheaper than market?

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Hmmmm what are the big impact if we stay near high tension cables though? 

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Cancer? I think health is the biggest problem 

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studies have shown that there is little impact. All about perception. Prices do not reflect a discount just because next to high tension cables. It is more a preference but there are still many, including high end developments, which are close to HTC especially in the Klang Valley

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there was near hulu langat 

property was previously selling at RM380k by initial developer (3 storey 20 x 70 if not mistaken) 

then later on it went up to 800k some to even 1 million 

not long ago, they finally have the high tension cable installed there... and recently the transaction is relatively slow around that area....

personally i do not like to stay near high tension cable... not even have my car park nearby (oh there is one area in Taman Jaya - amcorp mall whereby high tension is on top and carpark bay is just below it) I just dont feel secure under high tension cable... 

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@jdh good sharing