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Blu Constellation is not a safe place anymore. Anyone can enter easily . If car can be missing, how about the children? CCTV is just a joke, not functioning. Houses here are facing a major problem especially with drainage,leaking,plumbing system, serious crack every where..........



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Where is this Blu Constellation? Sounds terrible. Anyway, gated & guarded community is not necessarily safe...

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Blu Constellation is inside Bluwater Estate near The Mines Resorts.

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Hi, Lissa. May I clarify that your car was in your house car park area or outside the house gate ?

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Car parked infront of my house. Here we dont have a gate, its just a wall divider between houses.

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No wonder la... we can't only trust on security guards to do it..anyway, did you install CCTV at external of your house ?

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Guarded but not gated concept I guess, haihz need to set up booby traps in front of your house d next time.

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I agree. Drain is always blocked so the back is full of dirty water. For an estate that is quite new, it is not good. 

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Problems keep coming and never ending. The whole estte actually facing major problem wz plumbing/drainage/leaking/crack/sliding door/lock and many other things. In another word, house  and system is not functioning properly. 

Management hs been changed for 3x already


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@LissaMelissa good sharing