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If one is interested to start a career in Real Estate as a Negotiator, which agency he/she should avoid joining? Or the opposite which or what type of agency he/she should join?


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depends on what culture of agency you would like to join. There have professional, cunning, subsale, project, individualistic, team building etc...

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one which is good for a starter.... ethical and professional agency

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My advise is that not to join any agency that is not willing to issue you a REN tag... without a REN tag you are as good as illegal broker.

Of course, many agency will say you are still under 6 months probation period which if you cannot survive the probation period, you might not even get a REN tag.

But those ethical agency will always have the agent attend the NCC course (Negotiators Certification Course) before they even join the company. With that NCC certificate, you can then apply for REN Tag with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia.

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Ronald, is there such an agency? Without the REN registration and tag, nothing can be done .... they are doing the work illegally?? The REA is commiting an offence!

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Thanks for the information Ronald. =)

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@ppnnkk2011 there are many that is over hiring... and not giving them REN tag... and there are also some that is doing like MLM where you need to pay membership and give you 100% comm

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many actually. Like Soo say, some collect membership or rental for Ren

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the industry is so so bad..=,=''

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Is this membership thing legal? Is BOVAEA aware of such practices?

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In my opinion, no point for us to discuss legal or illegal. If we think things not right or against the rules, just file a compaint to  BOVAEA in order for them to take action. They might not aware of this eventually if no one complaint.

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Most of the new projects nowadays are extremely over price !

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williamsow Too many projects these days selling at the future value of the property...lol...the hypes on the upcoming completion of the MRT must have contributed to this overprice market

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@ppnnkk2011 good sharing