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Project sales is a good way to get listing . But beware, some developers are not paying u the commission or delay the payment (until u tak boleh tahan)... may be u can share some bad experience here...


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There are many many factors that the commission got delayed... and it is just a risk you have to take...

For those new starters, I would advise you sell something from a reputable developer, such as UOA, EcoWorld etc etc... which they will always pay you on time if all the criteria is being fulfilled accordingly.

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what are the factors that caused commission to be delayed?

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@ppnnkk2011 there are many factor... some of it is because SnP is not being executed... even though they had paid deposit, and some is because of leased hold property, perfection not being done, some due to bank loan not being executed.

some developer only pay in stage 2a or 2b 

many many factor Mr Pan...

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@ppnnkk2011 good sharing