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Guys/ Girls, Just to check with everyone here in Propsocial. I have receive several friends complaining to me about the Empire Damansara Loan Approval! Based on what I know, the banks are not giving out loan to this and has some hidden agenda behind. Anyone know more about it? My friends are all overqualified for the loans and doesn't have any bad records.

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there are many factor that can affect one person from having their loan approval. probably he can approach loanstreet or other mortgage agent to assist him/her on his/her banking matters... as each bank look into different loan approval while following BNM ruling.

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Overqualified in term of? 

Some reasons may affect the loan approval:
1) Borrower background and credit history 2) Developer issues 3) Bank own agenda - such as tightening loan approval. and etc.

Usually the mortgage consultants will know some the reasons why the loan has been rejected. Just ask them to find out further. 

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Thank for the reply, Ronald and Ngoi. My friend a He has no problem with the loan actually. Clean good track record. Just that he got rejected due to Some issue, that's what the bank mentioned. Bank also say that his profile has no problem at all.

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Then the problem might be due to "developer issues"....

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@JLean oh... there are some customer with clean record but bank is categorizing them as "non economic proof job" or some occupation as high risk job that they do not grant loan easily nowadays too

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also some bank might blacklist some developer due to their past record.... 

e.g. there are many bank that will not grant bank loan for property belongs to talam corporation in year 2004 to 2006 (not all but some bank will tell you upfront)

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Alright Ronald. Thank you so much for feeding me so much info. =)

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@imronaldsoo and @ppnnkk2011 is always so informative ! got something from this thread :D