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I recently come across this website http://roomz.asia/

They offer tenant room for rent with Zero Deposit, whats your view about room for rent with zero deposit?

As owner, would you rent a room out with Zero Deposit? 

What about House, would you rent for house with Zero Deposit?


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.Not so keen with Zero Deposit unless someone guarantee it, such as Speedrent, tenant do not pay owner deposit, the company collect rental on behalf via their credit card and compensate to owner (deposit onl) if tenant does not pay.

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this company operate similar with speedrent... 

but frankly speaking... credit card can exceed credit limit, and be cancelled anytime... to me it is just another marketing gimmick to tell the owner... "Why use an agent, and pay them commission, whereby you can do it all yourself"

there is no right or wrong on this, if you only have one property and have the luxury to monitor your rental of each room on a monthly basis, I do think it is a great idea.

For people who have many properties, I do think they want to reduce all these hassle not to mentioned they have to perform their own client filtering and due diligent that is normally being done by a professional real estate negotiator.

It is a free world at the end of the day. 

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Frankly speaking, If I'm the owner, It would be quite risky for me to rent it out in Zero deposit form. You may not know what will happened next to your beloved home/room. What can I say, maybe in Malaysia, It's still not as civilized as other country. Mentality different. Takes time to change.

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Risk vs Gains

If the tenant profile is good with good referals perhaps can consider with condition owner/appointed agents are allow to check on property with 24 hrs notice but seriously can be a real hassle

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@imronaldsoo good sharing