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Auction property had come to my thoughts these few days and thought of sharing this piece of information with you guys, believe it or not, totally up to you.

Many would prefer to purchase auction property as it is relatively cheap and well in earlier days totally below market rate, but I once bump into 2 famous feng shui master and both of them told me the same thing.... "you can buy auction property but I would not suggest you to stay in the unit" 

Out of curiosity, I immediately asked them "why?" and both their reply are nearly similar

If there is nothing wrong with the property why does the bank have to auction out the property and obviously the owner is being sued for bankruptcy or blacklisted. 

The first thing that came into my mind is that there are many factors that affect the owner property being proclamation of sales by the bank... "probably due to gamble problem, business issue, mismanaged of his or her personal finances and many many more"  but come to think about it, if there is really nothing wrong with the feng shui of the property, I doubt the owner would be in this type of situation.

Not sure about you guys, but I did personally encounter the same experience while staying in one of the auctioned property that I had purchased, and less than a few  years I have to moved out from the place and have it rent out before things becoming better to me..

Believe it or not!


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so long as the property owner is not staying it does not affect the tenant... 

if the property owner that bought the auction property and staying in it, high chances the owner is the black-sheep "based on what the feng shui master tell me"

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@ppnnkk2011 yes that is why before you purchase an auction property or property, you need to also calculate whether the property direction suitable for the individual or not (and well if condo and apartment, calculation will be different as we normally look at holistic facing direction than individual unit even individual facing direction is important as well)

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Nice topic. Small percentage of my buyers are keep asking about auction property, and this article is best for them. 

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@imronaldsoo good sharing