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Try to ask many mortgage consultants but they say cannot. But still heard someone apply joint mortgage loan with friend/non family. Any insight? or Contact.


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Registry of Societies (ROS)

In the constitution, there is a requirement to have the accounts audited and submitted to ROS for verification.

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You can joint mortgage with anybody you want... what the bank does not allowed is 3rd party loan with friends (meaning joint name purchase of property) but only 1 person is applying 100% loan...

3rd party loan is only available to siblings, family members that you can proof to the bank that you have direct relationship with the family member.

however there are some banks that still accept 3rd party loan depending on the property type as well as the credentials of the applicant.

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It is possible for a person who is applying for a mortgage not a joint owner? Weird question, but I am just thinking out loud here.

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