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What is the standard procedure to handle leakage from upper floor?

Based on the general articles I read in newspaper and magazine, upper floor owner should bare the full responsible to solve the matters. log in an complaint report to management but until today there is no action.


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If your unit  is still under the  defect liability  period,  you should lodge this to the developer. Otherwise,  you have to chase the management  office  or knock the door of your neighbour  upstair. 

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If it happens in the Commercial building such as High rise building and it's off from the Liability from the developer. Who should we get to? Management? Neighbour upstairs?

If no one take note or action about it, where should we go to?

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First is to identify where the leakage is from. Could be pipes from unit above or main building pipes.

Management should be assisting in rectifying leakage with the owner above. 

The neighbor above will be liable on repair cost if the leak comes from their unit piping

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If the JMB or Management Corporation is not doing anything , go direct to the local council of the area eg. MBSJ for Subang Jaya and MBPJ for Petaling Jaya. File a complain to the Commissioner of Building (COB) ...

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what is the document required for me to log a complaint report?

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What happen when the above owners dont bother never reply mails/sms/call?

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What happen if you have raised to the local council and still no action being taken? What are the information needed in order to get to the local council as it will be a waste of time to travel there and back if information is not sufficient. You know how the government offices work right?

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I think u have to show copies of letters that u sent to JMB/MC (with picture showing the leakage or effect of the leakage to your unit) and also issue an official letter to the COB and get them to chop & sign to acknowledge receipt of your letter. Follow up from there. 

If no action from COB after a few follow-up ..... MAY BE u can "broadcast" it to the local newspaper and make a complain to HBA

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Good ideas, shall suggest it to owners

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@6011_3531_5354 good sharing