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Recently, there were 1,018 developers blacklisted by the ministry included 146 for abandoned projects, 337 had failed to settle compounds, 307 had failed to settle the claims awarded by the tribunal, and 131 problematic projects.

What are the common signs that we can aware of bad developer, so we don't buy the wrong property from wrong developer..I think it's really a big money and I think some hints or tips to identify the good or quality developer will be valuable to all the buyers?

The news is from nst, more Info:


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As you may realise, it seems like everyone can be a developer. Small and big construction companies started to turn into developer themselves as the profit from developing and launching projects is irresistible. Looking from the buyers' perspective, we have more choices to go for. However, the continuous increased in the prices is also another con for us. For me, choosing the right properties with established developers is an important factor to be considered of, in order to avoid any delay and unwanted situation.

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Yes Jimmy, abandoned construction is the worst nightmare anyone could have with a under construction project

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Very risky and scary. why are there so many? what are the government plans to deal with this and reduce the number keep on coming up in the future?

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This is very important for us to know as to avoid wrong invest in unsecure developer project. But sometime things also will happened without we aware about it right?
Hmmmm... still looking for a justification way of to justify the developer integrity in th market.

Anyone have special advice on how we can do so? TQ