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Interest to know what is the procedure to set up an company to buy property with family/friend/other investor? 
What is the loan requirement to be fulfill while taking mortgage loan with the bank? 

Thank you, Sifu :)


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Set up company either engage a company secretarial firm to form a brand new co or buy a shelf co and change shareholder info.

On the mortgage need to consult mortgage specialist ;)

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Not to sure about this. Good questioned asked @Ngoi. I would love to know what's the procedure of it and is it able to get a loan for it. Under personal or company?

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Interesting topic. Others who has knowledge please share.

Following is my view.

Getting a loan might be able problem. Banks look at track record and potential income from the business to evaluate your loan. Unless the company has that, it is difficult to get loan to purchase properties.

To get around this, if the company has very high paid up capital to "guarantee" the loan or the rich directors are willing to be guarantor to the loan, may be some banks will consider.

Another consideration is taxation. Properties bought by company are subjected to GST. And if the property is disposed, RPGT will be applicable even disposal is done after 5 years of purchase.

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i believe individual can be guarantor in this situation.