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What is PropSocial?

PropSocial is an interactive property website that enables property buyers, investors, sellers and tenants to interact with each other with the objective to resolve their property concerns, property needs and for experts to offer advise.

PropSocial is the first community-based social property website in Malaysia that gives real insights and unbiased user reviews to this group of people.

PropSocial features an easy-to-use interface to help users find their ideal property within minutes. PropSocial is also the first property website that has content in Chinese and Malay language designed for our Chinese and Malay audience.


PropSocial’s objective is to solve the current challenges faced by property buyers which are not being resolved by today’s property portals in the market.

Why Use PropSocial?

Looking for the right property can be a long and tedious process, which can be tiring and frustrating. The main challenge of property buyers is that they are not being given the right guidance they need, especially during the initial research stage before deciding which property to buy.

Today, the majority of property buyers conduct their research online. Unfortunately, today’s property portals are flooded with random and dud listings with insufficient information on the property or neighbourhood. The situation is made even worse when these buyers have to deal with unreliable property agents along the way.

The above highlights the most common challenges faced by today’s property buyers, which slows down their property buying process. PropSocial is here to solve all these problems, by providing solutions to ease the pain of property buyers, by resolving their challenges.

How Are We Going To Help Property Buyers?

These are some of the features PropSocial has built to help buyers ease their pain.

1) News Feed

The News Feed feature in PropSocial allows users to ‘follow’ their preferred neighbourhood to receive instant updates on their News Feed section. The updates consist of properties for sale or rent, property ratings and reviews, and discussion topics on the chosen neighbourhood which the user has ‘follow’-ed. PropSocial is the first out of all Malaysian property portals to have this feature, which will add to the stickiness of the platform.

2) Neighbourhood & Property Info

PropSocial provides quick and comprehensive information about a neighbourhood or property at a glance in infographic style to make it easy on users’ eyes. The information is inclusive of the designated number of parking lots per unit, maintenance fees, pet friendliness, total number of floors and many more.

There are also information within the neighbourhood or property, such as below:-

A comprehensive chart of specifications for most properties under ‘More Details’


Past transacted prices for each property sourced from JPPH


Ethnic group statistics of the neighbourhood

Property prices comparison between 2 neighbourhoods


Comparison of property prices between nearby properties

Affordability calculator

Other amenities


3) Discussion

PropSocial’s Discussion board is a community feature which bridges the divide between buyers and sellers, as well as provide users with a venue to let their voices be heard. Users will further be able to get free advice from experienced property investors or agents on the Discussion board. The Discussion board is designed to be user-friendly for all ages, coming in both English and Chinese modes.

Check out PropSocial’s Discussion board at

The PropSocial Editorial team frequently contributes articles on the latest breaking news related to property, fun stories for leisure reading and informative articles to educate our readers; all of which are also shared through our social media channels. These articles are available in both English and Chinese, in the near future Malay too.

Come ‘like’ our Facebook page to follow our weekly articles and updates:

Check out PropSocial’s articles here:

4) Rate & Review

PropSocial’s ‘Rate & Review’ feature is the ‘Tripadvisor' for properties, allowing for open and honest ratings of properties, neighbourhoods and agents. Each rating and review is verified before going live to prevent spam and abuse.

This feature was built to help serious buyers obtain non-biased, honest insights and comments regarding a property or neighbourhood, before deciding on buying the property. For instance, buyers may be able to find out if there was a crime recently reported in the area, whether the property is haunted or even whether it has neighbour problems!

Property & Neighbourhood Review Snapshot

Users who have appointed services from particular property agents through PropSocial can also rate and review the agents’ quality of services. This is to help other property buyers gauge better in deciding on which property agents to work with.

Agents’ Rating Snapshot

5) Intelligent Search Tool

The ‘Search’ feature is the most important element of any website and is the first thing you will see when you are logged on to PropSocial’s website. During the search process, PropSocial provides the easiest possible way to match the user’s criteria and requirements as accurately as possible, so that it reduces their research time.

Here are some of our current search filters:

i) Location / Property
ii) Category
iii) Price range
iv) Size range
v) New development or Subsale
vi) Main concerns: Cleanliness, Safety, Quietness & Cleanliness
vii) Undervalued / Overvalued properties
viii) Nearby properties based on selected LRT Station
ix) No. of Bedrooms & Bathrooms
x) Pet-friendliness, Parking & Other facilities

6) Classified Ads Ranking / Score System

Sick and tired of screening through a long list of fake classified ad listings on property websites, which is a waste of your time? This is one of the most common problems faced by property buyers today. The PropSocial team has fine-tuned the whole ecosystem and resolved the challenges you are facing.

PropSocial’s classified ads are ranked based on score system and algorithm by taking into account the agent’s quality of services (rated by property buyers) and the quality of their ads. The ranking algorithm is based on multiple criteria.

PropSocial’s system will also be able to detect duplicated ads and the ranking will be penalised. It is no longer solely based on the date which classified ads are posted. Moreover, users can report spam ads when they come across one. This will help to eliminate dud agents and help buyers get quality listings.

What are the criteria that determines the ranking of the classified ads?

a) Quality of Listings

- Number of photos provided
- Accurate property description
- Accurate details
- Add units (Multiple units being added to the same property within the same classified ads. This is to encourage agents to use this function instead of creating duplicate ads.)

b) Agent Ranking

- User ratings on agent
- Completion of agent profile info
- Verified mobile number
- Total number of agent listings
- Report status of unit when it has been sold

c) Quality contribution post through reviews or discussions.

d) And more….

For a more detailed write-up on this feature, go to:

7) Interactive Property Map

The PropSocial interactive map is located on every individual property page, which enables users to get an idea of their surrounding properties and amenities at a glance. By hovering their mouse over the various icons, users will also be able to see the distance between their chosen property and the other plotted properties on the map.

Further provided on the map is the ‘Traffic Layer’ for real time traffic conditions, and ‘Street View’ which provides users with a full 360˚ view of their chosen property. Most importantly, users are also able to calculate the distance from their chosen property to another destination with information on the distance, time, directions and routes on how to get there.

8) "I'm Interested" / Post Requirements

We do your homework for you in finding a good and reliable property agent to assist you to buy, sell or rent your property. All you have to do is provide us with your exact requirements:

i) Preferred location / Property
ii) Budget
iii) Landed / High-rise / Types of properties
iv) No. of Bedrooms & Bathrooms
v) Preferred number of parking lots
vi) Buy / Rent
vii) And more

A phone verification will be done for every request submitted to double check on the requirements and to prevent spam or abuse. We will then pass your enquiry to a suitable agent who will help you find the best matching property.

Property buyers or sellers will then be able to rate and review their servicing agent upon completion of the transaction.

Come and try out PropSocial now!  :)

Or send in your enquiries here


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I got introduced to Propsocial from reading a local Chinese Property Magazine... they say it is the "TripAdvisor of the Property industry". Which I think it is true in a way.

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@domng Yes, we are launching our app soon in July :)  Will keep you posted!

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@JohnL Thank you for your continuous support! Will do our best to improve from time to time :)

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@admin_ps thanks for sharing