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Heading off for a trip soon? Before you leave, it’s extremely important to make sure that your house is completely safe. Don’t give burglars or pests a chance to intrude your home while you’re gone, so follow the simple checklist below:

1. Check Home Appliances

Ensure that all the wires to your electrical items are disconnected or pulled out to prevent accidental shortages and extra electricity being used, because when the plugs are plugged in, there is a chance of current flowing through. This is how you save money and ensure that your house is safe.

2. Install Automated Lights

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Automated lights are great because they have a sensor that powers up the lights when the sky gets dark, so that it gives the illusion of someone being in the house. Hire a professionalthrough Kaodim to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3. Contact The Kennel/Pet Hotel And A House Sitter

Once you’ve decided on a travel date, your first task should be settling your pets if you have any. Contact the pet hotels like the Puppy and Kitten Cottage in KL. Your dogs and cats get to socialise with other animals, so places like that would be great for them. If you don’t have pets, then you should definitely get a house sitter. Having someone physically there in the house is so much safer than leaving it empty.

4. Install CCTV Cameras Around Your House

You can never have too much security, especially when crime rates are escalating at an alarming level. The presence of a good alarm system can deter a break-in from happening. Head on over to Kaodim and submit a request for experts to install some CCTV cameras and an alarm system to crank the security up a notch.

5. Clean Your Home Before You Leave

Nobody likes to return home to a dirty, dusty place. Don’t give cockroaches and rats a reason to invade your place! There’s no harm giving your house a quick sweep before you leave just so you won’t have so much work to do once you get back. If you’ve got too much on your plate, then hire cleaners to help you with the job.

Don’t take these things for granted before you travel out of the city for your much awaited holiday. Get some help from Kaodim with the services above so you can enjoy your vacation in peace without worrying about the hygiene or security of your place when you’re away.


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