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The all new rage in mass rail transit is the High Speed Rail (HSR). The HSR will connect Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in only 99 minutes, which is far shorter than the 4 or 5 hours that it will take by road, or 7 hours via the normal KTM train. It even beats flying to Singapore in an hour, as commuters will not need to travel to and fro the airports from either city.

The train stations will have only very few stations, with one in Kuala Lumpur within the upcoming Bandar Malaysia, one in Seremban, one in Malacca, three in Johor within Muar, Ayer Keroh and Batu Pahat, and another one in the township of Iskandar Puteri. On the Singapore side, the station will be located in Jurong East.

According to the chief operating officer of Henry Butcher (M) Sdn Bhd Tang Chee Meng, the HSR is indeed going to be a catalyst for the townships which its stations are located in. The property markets within the township, especially within the areas close to the stations, are expected to boom.

According to Tang, while the local economy may not benefit much from the HSR, the property market will definitely be affected positively - especially in the smaller townships.

An example is the station in Seremban. The cost of living in Seremban is lower, and property prices there are indeed on the more affordable side as well. Indeed, Seremban has been a state that has long been promoted as being within a short travelling distance of Kuala Lumpur.

As such, many property buyers have already started looking at properties in the state as an alternative to staying in the city of Kuala Lumpur. With the upcoming HSR stations, even more property buyers may begin looking at living in Seremban, as getting to work via the HSR becomes very viable.

Just recently on 27th August, Tang was invited to speak at TheEdgeProperty.com’s “Symposium on Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail 2016” with his topic being “Investment Sweet Spots: The Seremban-Air Keroh Lure”.

Another key speaker for the event was Samuel Tan, the executive director of KGV International Property Consultants in Johor. His areas of focus for the event was Iskandar, Batu Pahat and Muar.

According to Tan, he believes that the HSR will be a success in Iskandar Puteri due to the township’s proximity to Singapore. No longer will Singaporeans who wish to obtain a property and live in Malaysia need to endure the daily traffic congestion getting to work across the border, but it will also be so much more convenient for them to travel between the countries as well.

Tan also shared his opinions on the unique qualities of Iskandar Puteri, Muar and Batu Pahat during the talk.

The HSR is the next hot topic in the market amidst Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) rate cuts, developers being allowed to hand out loans and the abolishment of 10% Bumiputera loans in Selangor, with property speculators paying close attention to the market.

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(Reference: http://www.theedgeproperty.com.my/content/844656/fare-key-hsr-say-real-estate-consultants)

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This will be a game changer of the market. More people could stay in KL even is employed in Singapore

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I think this will attract more foreigner to invest to Malaysia once the HSR from KL to SG, maybe there will have another extension from China to Thailand and also to KL.

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Agreed, but need wait till 2026 ==

James bond craig junio2006 small

Overall, I think this will be a good thing. Will increase the tourism for both Malaysia and Singapore too due to the convenience and accessibility. 

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  Agreed too! It's okay to wait until 2026. 10 years later only and it is not too long.

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10 years is very long ... 1 cycle already. Plus all the delays and bureaucracy, may be more than 10 years

Kate chew small

It will be ready only 10 years from now?????!!!

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Should be completed by 2026 if there are no big surprises along the way... from the diagram, Malaysia will construct more than 90% of the tracks while Singapore will cover the final 5%... really looking forward to it!

L  2c3e50 small

Looking forward to the completion. But many things need to take into consideration even though in the future. For example, the punctuality of the train.

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@ Ling. Agreed. The pricing structure for frequent travelers will be a motivating factor to take the train across for those who work in Singapore while living nearby the Iskandar Puteri HSR station.

James bond craig junio2006 small

Anticipate how much per ticket? RM100-200?

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Anyone knows the price of the ticket? This is a crucial issue to be considered too. If too expensive then it may not benefit the areas significantly. 

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I foresee it will depend on the ongoing rate of Singapore dollar vs Malaysia ringgit when the ticket prices are announced... just like when Singapore implement their toll fare to counter Malaysia toll, the government use the latest exchange rate.

Kate chew small

Yea, Dominic is right

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The problem now is. The exchange rate is ever changing. The rate is favourable towards Singapore dollars and the gap is getting bigger and bigger every year. Sigh... 

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That's great for people who work in Singapore and travel back there from Malaysia using Bus as it provides a faster transit. Hopefully the cost of ticket per way won't be costing a bomb or it will defeat the purpose ..

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@JohnL agreed with u. but i dont think it gonna be cheap. sure exp than bus ticket price. 

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The return ticket currency i anticipate will be in the country where you bought it... i.e. if you buy a return ticket from Malaysia, it will be charged in Ringgit (usually cheaper), whereas if you buy your return ticket in Singapore, it will be charged in Singapore dollar (usually more expensive)...

Anyone with experience of cross country high speed rail services in other parts of the world?

James bond craig junio2006 small

Well, if it's cheaper than taking flight or almost same as driving down, I don't mind. Save time and hassle.

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Save a lot of precious time by reaching your destination closer to the city center compared to reaching the airport which is usually far from the city center... and the extra hassle of going through immigration at both departure and arrival points...really i will not consider taking the flight anymore...

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@domng agreed. hopefully it is not too pricey.

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Hope that the HSR will collaborate with the MRT + Bus operators in KL and Singapore... and offer combo tickets (HSR + MRT + Bus)... to make the ticket even more value for money.

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Seems like everyone is excited about this :)

L  2c3e50 small

But frankly speaking, although it is convenience, but if I work in Singapore, I will rather stay in JB instead of KL. 

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I am super excited about the HSR and its success... because i stay very near one of their stations...

James bond craig junio2006 small

@Ling, I have a Johorian friend who used to work in KL and now he is working in Singapore. He shared his experience and told me that it's so much easier to travel from KL-Johor and Johor-KL, than Johor-Singapore and Singapore-Johor. He said it takes him shorter time when he was in KL going back to Johor because of the crazy traffic and immigration between Singapore-Johor.

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