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Anyone know about Lagoon Perdana ?

Or agent in charge that property? What do you guys think about this development?

Btw..I have unit for rent


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The sub sales market for the property is doing quite good despite all the negative news. LOL

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Personally as a student there, the rentals are quite reasonable for the accessibility to the mall/shoplots kopitiams/uni/public transport. However, I feel the Mentari area is slightly dodgy. 

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Hi jackyyong91

I am property agent who can help you to rent out your unit. 

Please whatsapp your detail to 0182810168

Thank you


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jinjin...yea...Mentari area is super doggy...lol...I remember my experience there last time when I visited my friend..we were obsessed with Left4Dead..and when the lift open...some dude with a scary ringtone just rang and it scares the shit out of us thinking there are zombies in the appartment...

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Lagoon Perdana - many foreigners(negro). Bad building quality, developed by Talam. 2nd phase is better after a new developer (i think IJM) took over. It's a Dengue hotspot....

Many students will avoid this place. I don't think the parents will allow them to stay there after seeing the place.

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Glenysteohglenysteoh Hi, would you mind to whatsapp me your namecard so we discuss through there...0122223682 thank you