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SP Setia launched double storey houses in Setia Ecohill..It looks promising ! The built up is quite large around 2k sq ft and just around 600k which is quite affordable..Any thought about the surrounding area ? PropSocial have any info about this?

I read from theStar that first day it launched, 1300 units sold within hour ! Anyone know there are still units available?? :( Any agent can help with this?


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@lawmingwei Aikz! Didn't see it when I went to visit the EcoHill showroom! @_@ Just saw the roads going in to EcoHill very "chap". And heavy traffic as well, and that was a weekend. >_<

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@Dianne Refer to the picture ^_^

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@lawmingwei omg! I didn't know! I actually wanted to go and see Eco Majestic as well, but after EcoHill I was so tired I didn't feel like looking for Eco Majestic. Guess it means a second trip back there... @_@

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So far Setia Ecohill is a Great Township ...