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@Lizard, bad news if that boom gate block your journey

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@yap_rony or if there's a fire and the fire engine can't get in!

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There are no boom gates for the entire area of Jalan Terasek in Bangsar, yet there was a case where the fire engine could not reach a house on fire (a power socket blew out due to overloading of cables). The fire engine had to enter from one end of Jalan Terasek (after Jalan Terasek 8) to the other end where the house was (Lorong Terasek). This was because all the little 'lorongs' (between Jalan Terasek 4 and Jalan Telawi) had been blockaded to prevent snatch thieves from entering and escaping.

So you can imagine lah... half the house was burnt to the ground. The other half was saved, thankfully.

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The boom gates will block the fire engines and thieves as well. Open the gate and standby 2 polis round the clock?