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always heard that property price is going to drop next year

because many economist estimate the economy will go down

do you agree?

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wont drop so much, probably stagnant only

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For new projects, developer may launch more affordable home. 

For sub sales, i think no one willing to sell their property price below their purchase price or even below the market price if the owners affords to pay the installment. Unless the owner so desperate to find a buyer, then he may give some discount to let go his unit asap.

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Affordable home launched maybe affordable at a smaller unit...that is to say that on a Price/Sf value...the price did not drop...lol...it's an affordable house in disguised..

Sub sales...as far as I understand...seller are often encourage to sell below market value to ensure buyer obtain a better loan margin...in sub sales it's more of a willing buyer, willing seller...hence price are negotiable

However if it were to take the laid back approach waiting for the price to drop in 2017...IMHO-nope~

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agreed with your opinion

it's totally depend to the willingness of seller and buyer

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Let's see what is in Najib's 2017 budget next month...

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If we are looking for a drop..i place my bet on the year 2020...lol...I guess that time most projects should have VP already as most of the projects are scheduled to be VP around that time..just my opinion...

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definitely, it hard for developer doing a business rite nw

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if government really build more affordable home, the price may get stable a bit, with lower growth

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I wont say its drop... its stable. 

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In the past 50 years, prices in property never take a dip. It's always 'soft' for a period of time and then rises again. Again, I have heard of prices of property taking a dip since 10 years ago but it never does. Land are scares, population is increasing and raw materials are expensive so I am not really sure how it is going to dip.

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not really, it will keep growing ...

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agreed. just like inflation. will always grow, just depends on have fast is it.

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No comment for other location, but as usual, buyers always hope for price drop and get the lowest price, however situation much more different in Penang island, price will still increase regardless of economic nationwide as many buyers from oversea come invest, live or retired here... therefore a single storey house in Balik Pulau were lesser than RM200k and now more than RM400K, within 10years.

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Because land are getting more and more scarce, prices will only increase, what matters here is only the speed of the increment.

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Buyers market = Price Drop

Owner market = Price Increase

Demand vs Supply. Not able to make general statement if prices will raise or drop. Unless Malaysia announce a drastic property speculation control measures in the coming Budget 2017. Just my 2 cents.

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domng May I know what's your profession? You sounds sharp~

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I am just an investor who likes to share information with everyone...

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I am just a keyboard warrior at this stage...lol...

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I don't think the price is dropping. Most of the property's price may don't have any increment based on current market and owner asking.

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Property sales price or rental will typically drop if owners are not united and set a benchmark for the price... If all property owner try lower prices just to get ahead in the game, then the tenants/buyer will win.

There are always tenants/buyer on the lookout for suitable property...

No matter which type property. When the PRICE IS RIGHT, there is always a willing party to buy/rent.

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The price already at bottom line.

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Interestingly run through an article on inflation, and it makes me wonder, when property price dropped, would we still  be able to afford a house? 

Inflation rate rise, interest rate increased, people won't take up loan, demand drops, property price dropped.