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#HomeGoals seem to only happen for celebrities and in Pinterest photos — something us mere mortals can only dream but never achieve… right?

Well, you’re wrong if that’s what you’re thinking. All you need are some of these simple home features to make your house look like it’s a photoshoot set for an IKEA catalogue:

1. Wood Flooring In Your Home

Photo credit: benhardwoodflooring.com

Hardwood flooring gives your home a neat and cosy look. We recommend laminate wood flooring, as it’s cheaper and more durable. You should also choose the right colour depending on how you want your room to look like: light-coloured flooring will make the room look larger and more spacious, whereas dark-coloured flooring increases its cosy factor.

This feature is also extremely popular with young home buyers if you’re planning on selling your place or renting it out, so it’s worth investing in a good wood flooring.

2. Bidets In Your Bathroom

Photo credit: Bidet Boss

You may think bidets are a small matter, but it’s usually the small things that make a big differences. Being in Malaysia, bidets are necessary as most people do use it. Having a bidet installed in your toilets adds value to your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

Your friends will also privately thank you for this.

3. A Simple Laundry Area

Photo credit: marthastewart.com

It doesn’t need to be big. A small designated area enough to fit a washing machine will do just fine. The most important thing is that the laundry area should be separate from the living and dining area. People like to keep their laundry hidden (as the saying goes, don’t air your dirty laundry in public), so having a separate laundry area is crucial.

4. Stylish Open Kitchen

Photo credit: livinator.com

This feature seems to be getting really popular, especially among newlyweds or young home buyers in Malaysia. People love the open kitchen concept as it makes the kitchen more ‘social’, being connected to the dining area where friends and family will mingle. An open kitchen makes the place look larger, so it’s great for smaller-sized condominium and apartment units.

5. Granite Counter Tops

Photo credit: Eurttron Distribution

What’s not to love about granite counter tops? They’re classy, extremely durable, and not too expensive. They also never go out of fashion, as long as you pair the colours and design appropriately with the kitchen cabinet design. Granite counter tops are easy to maintain and easy to clean, making it everyone’s favourite addition at home.

6. Separate Shower Areas

Photo credit: Home Stratosphere

Reminds you of a hotel, doesn’t it? The best is to have it separated by a glass door from the rest of the bathroom area. It keeps the rest of the bathroom dry and it looks super classy. It’s something that home buyers are willing to pay extra for, so it’s definitely a worthy investment.

These are just some of the most common home features among more sought-after homes. To help you achieve the ultimate #homegoals, Kaodim has a list of capable and trustworthy contractors and interior designers ready to help. Remember: it’s nothing too complicated, it’s all about creating a comfortable space to live in.

Here’s to you and a beautiful home!


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must get a big house only can get all the fittings inside :) except the

Bidets In Bathroom

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