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In this current time with the increase of almost everything what is best ? to own a property or not?

anyway, property nowadays are not selling out as good as last time. especially the sub sale units.

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Ofcourse buy when can hold at least 5-10 years... Best is to buy 1st hand from reputable developer, where capital appreciation will come sooner of later when later phases launch.

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If it's for own stay, why not buy when you can afford it? Unless of course you have yet to settle yourself in terms of where you'll be working. 

The main reason of the slow market is just the affordable units available in the market, most affordable units are less desirable. 

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For own stay, I will buy a unit. After when only I have enough financial and depends on the market, I will invest on one. 

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I will definitely buy. Renting will never be my option.

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