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With all these upcoming public transportation plans by the government, will it help ease the traffic condition in Malaysia, especially KL and PJ area? Day in day out, that's one of my daily stress!

"Planned BRT system will help ease traffic congestion on Federal Highway."

"Among the plans are the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Bus Expressway Transit (BET), Centralised Taxi Service System (CTSS), Performance Monitoring hub System (PMhS), Park n Ride, Integrated Transport Terminal (ITT) as well as the Digital Journey Planner."

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Ngoi, I know right?!! I heard from a friend, it takes her about 45 mins to get from PJ to KL by LRT. Much shorter travelling time by car (less than 30 mins) and probably same duration of travelling time even if it's horrendous traffic jam. 

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LRT peak hour from kelana to majlid jamek take 20 to 25 mins. non peak hour maybe take 35-40 mins.

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I can only say won't change much of the traffic on the road as not many have a fixed office job or 9-5pm work right, For sales personnel, business development, marketing, project based work have to use a vehicle to go around. The infrastructure should be done before the massive development starts and this caused the apartments, commercial building, residential building to boom without thinking about the cost of living for people in Selangor or KL.

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@veron good sharing