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With all these upcoming public transportation plans by the government, will it help ease the traffic condition in Malaysia, especially KL and PJ area? Day in day out, that's one of my daily stress!

"Planned BRT system will help ease traffic congestion on Federal Highway."

"Among the plans are the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Bus Expressway Transit (BET), Centralised Taxi Service System (CTSS), Performance Monitoring hub System (PMhS), Park n Ride, Integrated Transport Terminal (ITT) as well as the Digital Journey Planner."

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The question is also whether majority of the public will use them??? I don't know, but I am quite used to travelling in my own car.

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Hmm, i think it will be better but the amount of cars on the road also increase day by i think not much different..sometime not using public transport cz its not so convenient to go anywhere

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I most certainly hope so! As it is, with these plans and their ongoing construction, it's already causing a lot of traffic jams and partial road closures, especially along the SPRINT highway heading towards Bangsar Shopping Centre for the MRT works. Three lanes becoming two lanes, occasionally one and a half lanes. It's madness!

This topic is an ongoing debate where it's a 50-50 situation. It will help, but to an extent. Like @nichthinkof30 said, the number of cars on the road keeps increasing. Even if these overhead trains are completed, but the cars on the road are still the same, then it defeats the purpose of having public transport.

Having said that though, I would still use public transport where necessary. For places I can go to without having to drive, the LRT comes in especially handy! :D

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I think the condition don't really have much different from current. Btw, I think the upcoming public transport did help to boost the property pricing around the coming up stations area.

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Oh, yea.. It'll definitely ease the traffic jam.. IF... they provide enough parking. I mean like, geez. 3 quarters of the jam that happen at these stations happens because there's no proper waiting spot and no proper parking for motorists!

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It's a good effort by the government to ease traffic jam, but will the public use it? It's a 50-50 situation... Since car prices have dropped post GST, cars on the road have been increasing day by day. I prefer driving because its convenient to go anywhere. Btw, I really hope it will improve the traffic condition.

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I always feel frustrated with traffic jam to the KL downtown so I would like to use the public transportation as long as it is convenient enough.
Really happy to see Malaysia government try to solve the traffic congested problem, hope they can come out a fully planned solution.

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It really depends on the exact location of your residence and working place. The connectivity and integration of the various public transport are not that satisfactory yet. For example, if you stay in SS2 PJ, and work in KLCC area, you still need to drive the neatest LRT station in Kelana Jaya or Taman Bahagia, and to find a parking for your car is yet another hassle

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@vince2602 correct, the parking beside or nearby the LRT always restricted and have to wake up very early to seek for your parking..This will cause people rather drive than taking LRT..

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Yes it will definitely ease traffic. But I also strongly agree that parking facilities and system at the public transportation station should be ample and convenient.

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yaa...but for existing stations, i think there are limited space to build more parking space also...hopefully new station will take this into consideration so it can benefit people.

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I wholly agree with the allotment of more space for parking, but I hope these car park management companies don't charge sky-high fees. Like RM3.00 per hour, and RM2.00 for subsequent hours or something. Aiyoh, that will be so expensive already! Haha! I've seen parking fees like that before, and it doesn't make me want to park my car there. Unless they have state-of-the-art security system and personal bodyguard for each car.

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As long as the roads are filled with cars, you will never be able to drive smoothly without traffic jams under existing roads unless car drivers opt for rail & bus transportation (which is unlikely).
We cannot afford to live close together in a congestion area anymore.
Decentralisation of city should be introduced with wider roads and good rail/bus transportation. Once dispersal of people living in wider radius is done, it will help to ease congestion.

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I wonder if the public will use it as our safety is "soooo good". also, I am assuming I will feel like a "alien" inside it as it will be crowded by foreigners for sure. But nevertheless, it would ease some traffic if everything is taken care of.

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seriously, after I owned a car, I totally dint feel get use the public transport anymore. eventhough am hate to drive on traffic jam.
1) if I drive, petrol 1days is around RM8, parking let say 10bucks. But if public transport-bus go and back ady 5bucks. But nid wait for long time, sometime nid stand all the way till our destination. and I can save the stamina to reach office earlier/reach home earlier.

2) as a sale person, it really not convenience. Nid go for few place suddenly, doesn't make sense for me to wait 1hour for bus, or transit ktm to lrt/ lrt to mrt. And certain place is not cover by public transport. 

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It has been a long time since I sat on a bus, LRT, Train, taxi, etc. I usually drive to my destination as where I stay inconvenient and no LRT at all. The MRT3 will be here and it will help me to go certain places like 1 Utama without having to drive.   That is a bonus to me but not sure of how crowded it will be. Guess I have to take the MRT during off peak periods and weekdays. We as negotiators have that privilege. Can't take the MRT for work purpose as inconvenient.

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There are a lot lot lot malaysian taking public transportation in everyday.
No doubt cars keep increasing. But really due to lesser ppls not taking public transportation or populations within greater KL has growing?

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@duenlim, but look at Bangkok (not sure if you have been), they have higher population than KL, but yet people are very open to use their public transportation (BTS). I strongly believe it's because their public transportation is so much more efficient and its facilities are so well maintained. Nothing like Malaysia's public transportation. Well, let's hope once our MRT is really, it will be as good as Bangkok's :)

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It will help a lot to person who work nearby the station. Hope this can reduce the traffic in future.

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@magdelin yah yah...evry station in between is only around 10mins walking distance. If over miss the station, can walk back. Lol
And their trains extreamely consistency
. Evry 4-5mins 1train. And all vry politely to go into the coach.
Korea oso the same.

China some train line, vry smelly, vry unpolite(messy)but train timing very consistency too.

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@Magdelin, don't forget Bangkok was rated one of the monster traffic jams in the world. Hence, they have been force to use public transport. We are far better than them as we are with 30 million population now and greater of KL has 8 million. You can also compare with China Tier 1 or Tier 2 city, but the thing is we are still far better than them from my personal view.

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@duenlim, hmmm true also. You've got a point :-)

But not sure about that part where we are better than them. I really admire their public transportation and facilities. Quite sure I am not the only one :-)

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That's my personal view :)
I also admire SG or HK transportation. But, i still thought the same we are better.

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I have been driving for 8 years for work and studies and I didn't find the need to take public transport for my travelling within KL. Then, for the past 1.5 year I have been taking LRT everyday for work because the location of my office is just too convenient.

Whether to drive or to take public transport, I'd say it's a really case by case basic depending on where you from, where you go to, when do you go and what do you prefer during your journey.

For example if you stay very near to a LRT station or your office is right opposite a LRT station, it doesn't make much sense for you not to take the train - considering the traffic congestion and parking fee. On the other hard, if you need to travel during office hour (say to meet client) then I reckon driving is a wiser choice. One thing I like to travel in LRT because although I have to stand, I could do some reading and studying. Imagine I could take 5 Microsoft certifications mostly in the span of 9 months - thanks to the time I was standing in LRT.

Speaking about Bangkok (I've been there 7 times in this year). I took their train, bus, taxi and even their motorcycle taxi. Again, which type of transportation to choose really boil down to the particular situation. The highway will be congested during rush hours. Driving for 1.5 hour each trip to office is a norm and taking public transport to office for 2 hour each trip is also a norm. BTS is one of the many lines. What I observed is BTS typically connect the areas in city center, while there are other lines such as MRT connect to more of the residential areas. @Mag you are right on people are still open to public transport. But note that very often they are doing it out of choice because many people stay very far away from where they work and driving to work (petrol, toll, parking) is just a little expensive for most working class - not very different from what we have in Malaysia.

Compared to Singapore and Tokyo, public transport is very convenient. Every where I went, the thought of renting a car or getting a taxi never crossed my mind. I have the impression that I could just go anywhere with public transport, in this case it's their trains. This is the effect of a matured public transport system. Unfortunately Malaysia still have some catch up to do. However I'm feeling positive that public transport projects moving to the right direction.

And back to the topic, yes, BRT system will definitely help upon it's completion. Even if such initiative do not ease the traffic immediately, it would AT LEAST help by not making the traffic congestion worse in the future.

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@danielfoo, very well said. I agree with you :)

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good to hear that

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Not really sure if it will ease traffic congestion but it will for sure increase the property prices in areas close to the MRT stations... a lot of people is looking at Klang properties now.

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Sunway BRT - initially everybody was very happy that the project has been completed and free service was provided in the first 2 months. But it is all bad news when they started to charge - the charges is extremely high. A return trip from USJ7 station to Monash/Sun U cost RM5.40. This will definitely make it not affordable for all the students and discourage them from using the service. Even though they have discount card for students, but it is still very expensive RM100 for 30 days. Normally students will only use the service on weekdays or 20-22 days per month.
The point is ... all relevant parties/authorities must make sure the cost of using all these public transportation is affordable otherwise less people will use it and traffic congestion will continue to be a problem.

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USJ to Sunway = RM5.40????? That's crazy! Might as well just take taxi, almost same price I think. And even up to the doorstep!

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Selangorku - free bus in Subang Jaya. New, nice and comfortable but the bus stops are lousy. No shades, no seat ... just a tiang and a small sign (size is probably 1ft x 1ft)on it. The authority have to look at the total "package" to attract more users.

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I have tried the Sunway BRT when it was free. Not too bad a ride, was really convenient getting to Sunway Pyramid. Air-cond was comfortable cool too. But I have to say that the bus is really kind of small, and the platform too. I don't think it will accommodate more than 50 people.

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Now they said price increase for all LRT & monorail rides wef 31Oct 2015. Recently they (the LRT company) make a lot of money from their "station naming rights" program ie.  Air Asia Bukit Bintang station, Bank Rakyat Bangsar sation etc. Why must they increase the price??? The company should have a bit more of social responsibility instead of just thinking about making more money!

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what to do >.< rich become richer...

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@ppnnkk2011, why am I NOT surprised??? Malaysia boleh ma.... Everything increase price, toll increase, petrol increase.... even BRT rate also so expensive. But salary no increase :P

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Bunch of BS. Toll rates hike, train fare hikes, petrol hike, what next ya? Anybody knows? Maybe next year GST hike to 7% or 8% instead? I'm sure they would love to do that!

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Probably, provided the relevant agency manages it effectively.

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Indo maid salary also naik ... propose RM1200/mth!!! Car prices also going to naik bcos of Ringgit down. What is supposed to naik don't naik, what is supposed to down don't down....

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I was in Spore last week. When coming back, I took MRT from Orchard area to Changi airport. I have to change train for 3 times before I get to Terminal 1. U guess how much I pay for the MRT fees ...... S$2.30 only; even if u convert to RM it is only RM7. If u are getting Spore salary, 2.30 is dirt cheap! Why is our LRT fees so expensive???

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Public transport is for public convenient to travel yet due to insuffecient routes provided by the transportation so people still need own transportation to travel.

2ndly, public transport have time limitation means like we need to follow the timetable / non flexible that follow our time.

Perhaps, more and more people can re-consider to take public transport for traveling purpose. Cost of public transportation will need to reduce a bit la to encourage public to use public transportation.

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They are going to announce the revision in LRT charges in another 2 days... let's see 31Oct.

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Hopefully it helps. I saw the new BRT stations, they looked really cool and nice though....

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Mag, go and try it out. The aircond in the electric bus is very cold and comfortable. Park your car at Court 2 (foc) and u can go Pyramid for shopping.

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@ppnnkk2011, I might this weekend :)

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KTM announced that wef 2Dec2015, its fare will be increased from 11cts/km to 15cts/km. Details will be announced soon. Prasarana (which operates LRT and Monorail lines in the Klang Valley) would announce its increase before the end of October....source The Star

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Another round of toll increase in Jan16 ... sigh!!!

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ERL price also go up. What else????

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Hopefully the waiting time for each train can be reduced and provide train with more coach. If not, it sounds good, but still the same.

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Ngoi, I know right?!! I heard from a friend, it takes her about 45 mins to get from PJ to KL by LRT. Much shorter travelling time by car (less than 30 mins) and probably same duration of travelling time even if it's horrendous traffic jam. 

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LRT peak hour from kelana to majlid jamek take 20 to 25 mins. non peak hour maybe take 35-40 mins.

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I can only say won't change much of the traffic on the road as not many have a fixed office job or 9-5pm work right, For sales personnel, business development, marketing, project based work have to use a vehicle to go around. The infrastructure should be done before the massive development starts and this caused the apartments, commercial building, residential building to boom without thinking about the cost of living for people in Selangor or KL.

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@veron good sharing