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Remote, secluded, and inconvenient?

“It is too secluded!”, “Why would you want to stay somewhere so inconvenient?”, “I’d rather stay in Bandar Mahkota Cheras”… These are among the most common responses we hear whenever Bandar Sungai Long is mentioned, while some have not even heard of the township before. Over the years, the impression formed of Bandar Sungai Long is remote, inconvenient, distant, and all things negative. But, is that really the case?

Originally a rubber estate, Bandar Sungai Long was developed into a township in 1989, which was only about 500 acres in size. Now, it covers about 690 acres! Due to changing market demands, new real estate projects have also been cropping up within the township, a telling sign of Bandar Sungai Long’s potential for growth.

Connectivity the catalyst for growth

Don’t be fooled by the expansive greenery surrounding Bandar Sungai Long - though it may feel like it’s miles away from the city, the township is in fact within easy connectivity to KL and other parts of the Klang Valley.

Highways connecting to this township include the Cheras-Kajang Expressway and the SILK highway, as well as a connecting road from the SILK highway that links directly to the residential area of ​​Bandar Sungai Long (via Persiaran Bukit Sungai Long 1). Forget the hectic traffic of Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Bandar Sungai Long is accessible without having to brave through the crawl throughout the neighbouring towns during peak hours.

With these two connecting highways, heading to downtown KL will also be a breeze, with the SILK highway easily connecting to the SMART Tunnel, leading to KLCC within a few minutes. Under smooth traffic, residents can reach KLCC in approximately 25-30 minutes. Other than that, Semenyih is also within a 15-minute drive away via the SILK highway.

Connectivity to the region will further be improved with the East Klang Valley Expressway (EKVE) will be built and is slated for completion in 2019. By then, this 36.16 kilometers long highway will connect to Bandar Sungai Long, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Hulu Langat, Ampang and Ukay Perdana, close to KL city. Apart from that, the EKVE will also enable easier connectivity to the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) and DUKE highway. The upcoming EKVE is also set to bring a new facelift to Bandar Sungai Long.

In addition, Bandar Sungai Long is also included in the government's grand scheme for an improved and even more extensive public transportation system, with a total of four MRT stations planned within a 4km radius of the township. A combination of roadways and rail will enable increased connectivity from Bandar Sungai Long, with just a convenient hop onto the MRT which will bring commuters straight into the city centre. Rapid KL busses also serve the township of Bandar Sungai Long, providing ample accessibility within the town itself and to KL city for those without their own means of transportation.

Connectivity is the most essential element of urban living, which is not a difficult criteria for Bandar Sungai Long to fulfill.

Convenient living close to amenities

Though seemingly secluded from the world thanks to its peaceful environment, Bandar Sungai Long is a self-sustainable township, with residential and commercial developments within, complemented by commercial hubs and a great number of amenities necessary for convenient urban living.

Anchored by the exclusive Sungai Long Golf and Country Club (SLGCC), Bandar Sungai Long retains a quiet and peaceful surrounding, with acres of green turf and quaint lakes. SLGCC is aesthetically-appealing, however, given its world-class status, it may not be an easily affordable place for all to play. The course is the preferred spot for the Sultan of Selangor to enjoy a round of golf, as well as expatriates.

Amenities which can be found within Bandar Sungai Long are the basics like hospitals, petrol stations, markets, fitness centres and such, all within the township. Residents will not have to brave traffic or waste time driving too far in order to reach these much needed amenities.

Just 5 minutes from Bandar Sungai Long, is Bandar Mahkota Cheras, which provides a wide array of eateries, and entertainment spots. There is also an AEON Big hypermarket there, making it evermore convenient for residents of Bandar Sungai Long to acquire their daily necessities. There is also a night market every Tuesday along Persiaran Sungai Long 1, offering scrumptious street eats, drawing even those from nearby Bandar Mahkota Cheras and Kajang.

The nearest mall to Bandar Sungai Long is The Mines located in Seri Kembangan, just about 15 minutes away. The much larger IOI City Mall in Putrajaya is also only about 20 minutes away from the SILK highway that leads to the MEX highway before connecting to IOI City Mall.

As for educational institutions, aside from an existing secondary school, a brand new SJK (C) Bandar Sungai Long primary school has also begun recruiting students for the coming year. Since the establishment of the first block of Tunku Abdul Rahman University (UTAR) in August 2002, the university is now a 2-block campus in Sungai Long to accommodate more students and provide more facilities.

Variety of real-estate for a continuously booming community

The community of Bandar Sungai Long is a diverse one, ranging from families to single working professionals, to students, lecturers and staff of nearby UTAR, in addition to expats. As such, the property scene is a varied one, with residential developments of luxurious gated and guarded communities closer to the green fairways of the SLGCC to mid-range high-rise condominiums as well as semi-detached homes and terraces along with some commercial shop lots.

Most of the households in Bandar Sungai Long fall within the middle to high income group, with signs of gentrification as seen in the upgrading of security in the neighbourhoods. These older housing estates which were initially without security, are willing to pay for the construction of high-quality perimeter fencing and the employment of strict security teams to monitor their neighbourhoods. As such, most of the residential phases in Bandar Sungai Long has its own security.

Several high-rise residential developments are currently ongoing in the town, preparing to cater to the growing population of Bandar Sungai Long, set to change the skyline of the township by the time they are completed.

Untapped property market

According to data collected, it shows that most of the homebuyers who can afford to buy houses at Bandar Sungai Long belong to the middle to high income earning group, while buyers of newly-launched condominium projects in the area are mostly long-term residents currently living in the township itself.

Given the UTAR campus in the township, most of of the buyers are also those looking to buy to rent to students, and even staff and lecturers of the university. As such, these groups, both investors and renters, will provide a steady demand for properties in the township.

Properties in Bandar Sungai Long have relatively appreciated in value over the years. A standard double-storey terrace house which was RM550,000 ten years ago, can now fetch around RM1.3 million on the market, which is more than 100% of appreciation in value!

At present stage, the market demand for terrace units and apartments is considerably high, making it a great time to invest in these property types within the township; conversely, semi-detached and bungalow units are in lower demand, giving buyers a slight upper-hand. Thus, families or those who intend to settle down in Bandar Sungai Long should strongly consider buying a home now, so as not to miss out on the opportunity.

Bandar Sungai Long is also expected to be the second Petaling Jaya, given its proximity to the city and expanding population. Completion of the EKVE highway is also anticipated to spur more residential and commercial projects in the township.


By taking a closer look at Bandar Sungai Long, you may conclude that the general consensus of Bandar Sungai Long being “remote, faraway, and inconvenient” is a far cry from its strategic location. On the contrary, Bandar Sungai Long is close to several other established townships and enjoys direct access to major highways.

A unique township where you can be at one with nature while remaining close to the city, Bandar Sungai Long is a highly liveable township with a good choice of residential types where amenities and conveniences are just at your doorstep, while accessibility is a certainty given its strategic location.

Bandar Sungai Long is also a developing town, with future development plans for infrastructure and connectivity. As such, investors should keep an eye out on the area, where future developments will give potential for real-estate within the township to steadily rise.

Come watch this short video of Bandar Sungai Long:

What did you think about Bandar Sungai Long before this? Have your views of the township changed? Share your thoughts with everyone and write a review about Bandar Sungai Long here!

(Written by: Looi Jing Er, 6th December 2016)


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Quite far away from city centre. Bandar Sungai Long is not unheard of but being overlooked. UTAR main campus is located here and the lush golf course too.