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I am a new real estate negotiator, just joined this industry about half a year ago. However, sad to say, this is a very tough industry to go into especially with the Malaysian culture. Even when you have provided your ultimate services and your buyer seem like genuine and very much interested in that particular unit, they will still try to pull a fast one. They will shop around with other agents on the same unit, hoping that other agents will offer a cheaper price. So, no matter how great your quality of services are, most buyers go where the money goes. Unfortunately, I kept facing these kind of challenges. *Sigh* Very exhausting!

Any tips???


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Thank you Johnson Lim, Super REN student.
Please follow link to watch Johnson's testimonial (Mandarin)

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Sandra !!! Don't share here la ... paiseh lo

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thanks guys

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This looks like a marketplace; someone's asking what is a good fish to cook, and you're all telling " Go to Tesco and their fish is good!". Not very definite, eh?

Anyway,@Reuben Gan, to me RENs and REAs are in the service line more than in the business line. You'll probably have to choose at some point whether to make money to service people, or service people to make money.

1. Listen very well. Understand and comprehend. Reply accurately and efficiently.
2. Respond promptly. Time is money.
3. Integrity and honestly goes a long way.
4. Be very sharp, alert and aware of your surroundings - the market, the people, the rules.
5. Be likable and being charismatic is a huge bonus.
6. Be competent.
7. Knowledgeful. Read lah. Everyday, every night.
8. Ask for feedback and be humble.
9. When the time comes and you mess up (everyone does), own up. Fix things up the right way, instead of the easy way. These decisions will make your person in the long term.
10. Lastly, my personal favorite - you gotta be very clever with your money ;)