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Technology provide many convenience to the public nowadays, especially with the current development of Smartphone. Question to the floor would be, would you dare to invest in a smart home in Malaysia that is connecting all your home alliances to the internet (that with a button over your phone, you will be able to activate / deactivate your alarm system, monitor your house CCTV, fridge inventory and so on just like that it is actually shown in the picture.)

I bring this question up due to recently I came across a developer signed an MOU with a technology company on building their smart home in Malaysia, and there are even some that is completed. 

If you are connecting the everything to the internet using IOT technology there are vulnerabilities and you need to ensure that the technology company does have sufficient man power to push new firmware updates to your home server / security appliances, as nothing is really hacker proof in this new world (well a Solex or Lockwood traditional lock might be hacker proof as they do not connect to the internet)

What do you think?


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I like the concept of smart home where can control everything, I'm looking forward for this trend in Malaysia. But the cost to setup all these is very high, you know what's the price range?

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@imronaldsoo thanks for sharing