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As a first time buyer, there are some questions, tips or guides that we should know, let me share some of the experiences as a start of this discussion :D

1st Question: The property you are buying is for your own stay or investment?
For me, I buy it for my own investment because my family already have our own stay in KL. Normally, different purpose will affect the buying decision such as the price range, location, the return?

2nd Question: Where is the "Best" location for my property?
Yes, this is really an important question that we need to take it seriously no matter it's for your own stay or investment. If it is for your own stay, you might want to find some location that is strategic and convenient for you. I always recommend landed property for your own stay. However, for investment wise, you need to observe and research about the location whether is it having a good potential for your ROI? You might need to research about the info about upcoming developments, its accessibility, the developer's background of the property and etc.

3nd Question: Ishh, Money?? (Loan !!)
When it comes to loan part, you must consult the bank that whether you can afford to buy the property or not. Besides, before buying a property, you also must make sure that you are checking property that is affordable. Nowadays, people tend to pay their deposit emotionally for their dream property, then end up lose their non-refundable deposit because can't get the loan from the bank :( Think wise !!

There are actually a lot of tips or guides. So, how about you?


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@james_bob, it's a shame how PropSocial didn't exist while you were looking for a property. Now, with PropSocial's neighbourhood info, property info and user reviews, it can help you save time especially during the research period.

Check out some of our information which might be able to help you for your future property hunting :)
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Thanks @Mag! I didn't know. Thanks for sharing.

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My experience ... very scared to sign on the S&P? A big & long commitment...

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1) Make sure you calculate the ROI and all the hidden cost in advance. What are the hidden cost you have to bare and not covered by developer, etc
2) Do proper research on the area (for example whether they are building a shopping mall next to it, LRT, College), as that will determine the ROI when the property is completed
3) Get loan quotations from different banks
4) When you have to serve your loan repayment and interest - this would be the most painful part if anyone says the research stage is the most painful part