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Get an agent to rent out my unit but 1st 3 month already got rental collection issue.

What is the after sales service the agent can provide? or just take the comm and non of his business already after letting out the unit.


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@6011_3531_5354 That is the hard scenario described to real estate agents. At least what you can do is to specify some simple criteria such as prefer certain groups or traits to consider before letting out. Agent role is very clear which is to get you a tenant. If you like to have the life cycle of managing after a rental starts, do arrange and engage your agent for more. The more kind and clear your expectations are, the better the agent will do their job and hence the satisfactory. Of course, this only apply to those agent who do their business seriously instead of a touch and go.

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@raymondlai2319 well said. 

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Yes, professionally the agent or negotiator has to do some background check on the tenant and discuss with the Landlord before accepting the Tenant. As it it not 100% for sure at least bad tenants can be filtered and minimized. Also monitor the tenant's rental payment so as not to allow more than 1 month in arrears and take action to collect before it's too late. Make sure the security deposit collected is enough to offset unpaid rentals upon termination. The same agent or negotiator may offer their service to find a new tenant for a lower fee to maintain Landlord's trust and loyalty in his/her service. 

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As far as I am concern, agents must perform some background checks to the best possible effort on potential tenants secured for clients. The information will be forwarded to the client to get the decision. Though it may take effort and time to close the case, it is worth effort as a business trust is build between client and agent which may go a long way for future dealings. And the agent as a gesture of providing continuous service can monitor the tenant and keep in contact with the client.