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Get an agent to rent out my unit but 1st 3 month already got rental collection issue.

What is the after sales service the agent can provide? or just take the comm and non of his business already after letting out the unit.


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@windzneom i u mean the zizz or suasana damai?

plan to sell off first then only get a new one. haha

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2 cents, by right agent would normally put in a tenant application form for the owner to filter (well that is what i do) and the tenant application would have all the details of the tenant working position, employment company, emergency contact, etc etc, and owner should also take the responsibility to just call up to check on those number to see if it is working.

most of the time before i submit the details i would do my check one round, we can only do so much, whereby when you reach the company just talk to the HR department and see if this person is working here, and due to privacy disclosure act HR are not able to reveal the person job performance nor telling you the person is actually on PIP (performance improvement plan) etc etc. 

It would still be up to the owner to decide who to rent, and there is no guarantee in any defaulters, but the least the agent can do is to recommend a lawyer for the owner (if the tenancy agreement is properly prepared and stamped, and proceed with legal action before eviction process) <-- worst case scenario

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(eviction process) <-- worst case scenario

Are you able to bring us through this tedious and painful process and its details? thanks

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@6011_3531_5354  Yea! DIVO@The Zizz~

do not hesitate to let me know if needed my help to sell ya. haha