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Connectivity and location has been all the hype in purchasing properties, and some of the most eyed-upon locations now are in Bandar Kinrara. MRT lines are invading the township, and new developments are mushrooming - but only some of them will stand out.

One of the outstanding ones which is already making its mark in Bandar Kinrara is The Andes, a freehold residential envelopment. Although bearing Bukit Jalil’s address, it is actually located on the borders of Bandar Kinrara and Bukit Jalil. The Andes will enjoy accessibility to some of the latest transportation hubs in the city, such as the MRT Line 2 and the upcoming LRT Line 3.

Public transportation is the way forward- with advancement proven to be in the pipelines thanks to the upgrading of railway infrastructure across the Klang Valley. In addition to the MRT Line 1 completed in 2016 this year, the MRT Line 2 and LRT Line 3 are also up and coming. A large part of the Malaysian masterplan in development will be the High Speed Rail (HSR), which will commence construction in 2017, getting Malaysians from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in less than 99 minutes.

Looking at all this frenzy, how much will the upcoming public transportation affect townships such as Bandar Kinrara, which has never known the convenience of mass rail transit systems before?

The Advancement of Public Transportation

Before moving on, let’s take a look at the current market sentiments about the construction of the rail and the train system itself.

Interviews with the public have shown that most motorists find the construction of the railway tracks to be a serious inconvenience, with the massive traffic congestion and road closure doing inopportune times.

Upon completion and operation of some of the additional stops, further complaints poured in from the public regarding the steep prices required to utilise the trains. According to a citizen, she found taking public transportation to be more expensive and more stressful than driving to work!

But this may just be the transition period of getting used to taking public transportation, as again if you look at our immediate neighbours such as Singapore or even Thailand, travelling via mass rail transit is the norm.

How will the Railway Affect Bandar Kinrara

So here enters Bandar Kinrara, a township that is made desirable for its location, with the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve to its south. This peacefully serene township comprises mainly of residential developments, and is well connected to major highways. In addition to its convenience of highway accessibility, Bandar Kinrara will also have access to the new MRT line.

As stated, the MRT Line 2 and upcoming LRT Line 3 will provide direct access to Bandar Kinrara - thus residents of this must-watch township will enjoy direct access to the Kuala Lumpur city centre within minutes! The last station of the new MRT Line 2 ends in Putra Heights, while heading towards the other end of the line will bring the residents to KL Sentral, where all the other major train lines in the Klang Valley converge.

And if shopping is what you desire, Bandar Kinrara will be the place to call home, where you can just hop on a train and be in One Utama, KLCC or even Mid Valley in much less time than before. Fancy a cuppa in TTDI or Kota Damansara? You can also do just that without the frustration of traffic congestion and wasting petrol being stuck along the way.

Eliminating Traffic Congestion in Town

The train lines are also expected to alleviate the increasing traffic in Bandar Kinrara caused by the popularity of the township. Everyone who has lived in the Klang Valley or the city would probably have a fear of traffic congestion, so why not travel in the air-conditioned comfort of the new trains?

Increasing Popularity is Leading to More Attention

The issue of Bandar Kinrara’s appeal leads to the increase of residents and thus traffic, a chicken and egg situation - but for the right reasons. The train lines are attracting the attention of investors while home owners in Bandar Kinrara are taking pride in the increasing value of their homes. Bandar Kinrara has become a favourite amongst property investors, while those who manage to even get an affordable home by the government in the area consider themselves privileged.

The implications of Bandar Kinrara becoming an investment hotspot is evident with the emergence of prestigious projects like The Andes, and the numerous other branded developments penetrating the neighbourhood.

Voices from the Experts

Market experts are also finding hard to deny Bandar Kinrara’s emerging status. According to Michael Choy from Reapfield Properties, property prices in Bandar Kinrara have more than doubled from 6 years ago. Even high-rises have experienced steady price growth over the past 3 years.

According to The Edge, high-rises from between BK1 (Bandar Kinrara 1) to BK9 (Bandar Kinrara 9) have increased in price since the year 2012. In 2012 the average price psf was RM234, while 2013, it increased to RM248.5 psf. Following that is 2014, where the highest transacted price was recorded at RM309 psf.

Excitement in Bandar Kinrara

With the many prestigious developments coming up in Bandar Kinrara, land is becoming a precious commodity in the neighbourhood due to its scarcity and increasing exclusivity. In fact, the availability of empty plots of land in the neighbourhood are close to none, while the precious few left are highly sought-after.

Come watch this short video of Bandar Kinrara:

Looking for a great investment or just a home where convenience of living is at the forefront? Bandar Kinrara is a rare gem which brings the best of both. Check out the list of properties available in Bandar Kinrara for you to choose from here and you can even use the filters to narrow down your search with the advanced search button.


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@ppnnkk2011 any condo name or landed which around 300k-400k?

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Go nearer to puchong jaya, there are many medium cost apartments with price ranges from 200-400k... Sri Anggerik, Srei Teratai, Sri Cempaka, Sri Tanjung etc

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Nic Ngoi, I think La Thea by IOI Properties is quite nice, but it's slightly more than 400k. Otherwise how about The Zest?

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